18 October 2011

10 days


OOK! He's using both hands!


Silly Bear almost jumped over the sofa to grab the camera, just because the cub held the zebra's tail in his right fist.

The cub has been doing his stuff with both hands since 1st week of 3 months Darling.
I do pity the busy dad who has been missing the cub's milestones.

Lucky him, he had some 10 days break to catch up with us, but not so lucky anymore when he had to lend his hands on home chores. Also, driving places to seek second opinion on my bad wrists.

We did some shopping, purchased new bulbs for the garden, chillax at cafes and eateries wee bit... Oh yes, and the cub's passport applied.

Today onwards, I'm back to my own with my chap. Sitting here recalling the past 10 days short of blog-worth...

But it was nice just by being together.


Feronia said...

Lovely that you've had some family time together - so special!

grub said...

happy family time :) seems like baby has a bit of a bare spot towards the front. reminds me of my cousin whose hair didn't sprout in the middle until later

bp said...

I relish such family time, too, my hubby always says he has lots of work to do and that's true he is really busy. But it makes it all the more special when we can squeeze in and steal a breather altogether, the kids like it, too!

So I can imagine how great those ten days must be for you and Cub spent with Bear! :)

Has Bear found some lobang your wrist? I dunno if you wear Cub in a baby carrier and/or sarong sling, I used to rely on them for all three kids, but the shoulders and back and hips too would end up taking a beating from the heavy weight and I know your Cub is not light. My boys were bigger babies too. Also the carrier and sling tend to encourage them to want to snuggle close, so just my own lil experience, some moms think it's regressing for their babies who are more independent and can sit nicely in a stroller, carseat, etc. Of course you do what you think is best for you guys, yah. Try not to overwork your wrist, I know it's easier said than done. Take care.

Just want to say again and again coz it's so very true, how beautifully Cub is growing under your loving care and watchful eyes. Love his pictures, you always capture them so well, and his passport ones are just as adorable! Yay, can travel now!