30 May 2008

Blogging mysteries

Nothing relevant to this post, but I can't help posting this picture of Rowndy I took this morning. I simply love how gentle rays of dawn bring out the loveliness in things around us. I'm always sleepy in the morning, but a beautiful dawn wakes me up with a moving heartbeat.

Is there anything else on earth so inexpensive but never fails to touch you so much? Share with me! =D

Now, let's get down to some Blogging mysteries that I've encountered these days.

I couldn't really understand some blogging difficulties that other Bloggers experienced, until I've come face-to- face with them myself. Check out my list.

1. I can't leave comments at some of my favourite blogs! CRY! Mainly, the wordings required under ' word verification ' are not revealed, so I'm not able to post any message across. =( It's frustrating, especially when you wish to convey your thoughts so much.

2. I can't see pictures of some blogs! Horror of horrors, this phenomenon is spreading to some other blogs that were alright in the past. This affects my appreciation of picture blogs a great deal. =(

3. Some sent comments fail to be revealed, despite approval of author is unrequired.

As for my God-Blessed Box, signs of dismay too.

1. In Japan, my site is ' attached ' with a ' lottery advertisment ', without my consent. Worse, overseas visitors claim that accessing my site calls out a porn site! FAINT*

2. Some visitors cannot see my header ( Wrappers of the Box ). Oh... my poor wrappers...

3. Some claim that it takes agggeesss for my site to load. So my pictures and widgets are guilty?

This does not sound good. I've updated my windows and done neccessary checking. Nothing helped.

Are there any of the mentioned you're facing, I'd really appreciate your feedback! I can't feign ignorance on existing problems, I just got to pin them down ( fuming )...

And I certainly hope that your blog's health is better than mine. Have a GREAT weekend!


Ellena said...

Hi stardust,

I used to surf a few site facing the same problem as yours. Sometime my site do have such thing happen as well. Mb u can consider to have some firewall or spam program install in your windows and get windows updates regularly. Usually for the case means your window might be infected by those milwares.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My darling! I'm afraid I'm not of any help for you for those problems as I'm not so good in computers..the only thing is that I've taken off the letter control for that reason. It happens also to me that I can't see the checking letters so I can't leave a message. Hopefully I'm able to see perfectly your lovely blog with all those wonderful photos :-D
We have to enjoy of those really inexpencive things that surround us in your life and be glad that God has given to us the chance to be alive. And to have a special person beside us to walk together with
And you are defenetly a precious gift my beloved! :-D
A kiss

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust,
I suspect the pop ups are coming from your webstat monitor programme motigo.com. Under its term of use, paragraph (1) they reserve right to place popups. Remove it. (change to statcounter that I am using or sitemeter.)

As for the other issues, all PC users (yours, mine and everyone) must do basic pc housekeeping. I run Ad-aware 2007, CCleaner, anti-virus AVG. We also need to install a firewall like ZoneAlarm. These programs are available on the Net FOC.

Lastly, suggest stop using Internet Explorer. I have switched browser to Firefox.

Hope this helps.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh my sweet sweet friend. I have two computers running on two different OS. (operating systems) Vista and Windows XP
One has Firefox and the other has internet explorer.
When I view your blog in Firefox, it does not load properly and there are many many ads that pop up. So you must have some sort of advertisements that you are dealing with one of your widgets. That could also include your stats widget at the bottom as well as I have seen this. You have many widgets that are animated and linked to websites that are spam controlled and they will put spam out to those that visit your blog.
Those that try to view your site in Firefox browser will often see a whole bunch of writings at the top of your screen and will have to scroll down quite a ways before they actually get to your post, but this will not happen if you view your blog in Internet Explorer Browser which not many out there use anymore. I still have it on my laptop for now but am soon going to Firefox.
My dear friend, too many widgets slow down the computers, too many animations as well as photos slow down the computers.
But be careful where you are pulling widgets and fun stuff to put on the sidebar because often they will hide secret spam and and nasty stuff so it makes it hard for others to view your blog the way it is supposed to be. I really hope this makes sense.
Hugs and kisses to you...
Rocky Mountain Retreat

Ladybird said...

Hello Stardust, I've encountered the problems (advertisements popups) that you've mentioned when accessing your site.

May I suggest you use another browser. If you are using Internet Explorer6, maybe consider using Firefox, Opera or even updating it to Internet Explorer7. Just search in Google for these browsers, they are free for download.

I highly recommend using Firefox! I hope this helps.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi Stardust

I have encountered those problems that you mentioned.
For the word verification problem, if the words dont appear just turn your speakers on and click that handicap sign and it will be read out to you!!

As for your blog, it comes on pretty fast for me - but there are some others that take ages - and it tends to be those with loads of photos!!

PAtience, I guess.

bp said...

Like SAHM, I have no problems accessing your site, but quite understandably when there are more pictures, it takes slightly longer.

As for the other blogger "glitches" you mentioned, I've encountered them all before. Sometimes refreshing the screen helps, and I should try out what SAHM suggested for the word verification.

Your orchid plant is looking so nice! You have a wonderful week ahead now!

Kate / Kajal said...

oh i hate the blogging hiccups too. So often u leave comments and they just dont appear , and u keep trying again n again ! another annoying blogger problem is when people try to vote for me on bloggers choice for best food blog and their votes dont come through. Nothing is more annoying ! but enough of my cribbing ...
your picture is quite refreshing and i love the light captured in it.

Stardust said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback! Appreciate your response. =)

Stardust said...

Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback! Appreciate your response. =)