23 May 2008

Unexpected harvest? Grin*

For flower and vegetable lovers, having a garden will be so much fun, don't you agree? =D


I didn't quite understand why my nearing 80s, but still very 元気 ( genki : healthy and strong ) father-in-law would gladly sweat for hours for his flowers, fruits and vegetables. I finally understood his joy in gardening when my own chilli plant bore fruit. The picking of sweat-and-blood-groomed produce feels like collecting gold! Nothing tastes more heavenly than one's own produce : my father-in-law's delicious vegetables and infectious smile convinced us all.

Now that we are living kilometers apart from this loving old gentleman, he imparted me a budding passion for plants. At the apartment that we're living, there at the porch stands a large pot that serves as a starter-garden. ;)

The pot gives space for 8 seedlings, and I would always try out with different plants and colors, making it look almost like a ' flower arrangement '. In a way, I get to understand which kind of flower truly thrives, lasts longer and brings pleasure to my eye. I think this will be a good time for me to learn more about plants, until the day I own my official garden. =P

Now these are strictly flowers that bear no fruits that I known of, but we are having an unexpected guest! =D

The picture on the left shows some pods that appear after the flowering of a certain plant. The tag that introduced the plant did not mention appearance of fruit so this is really surprising to us. Not every stalk produces though, there are merely 5 pods, all too sweet to look at! The neighbouring seedling of the same plant does not produce any pod so my husband suggests that we are really ' lucky ' to have them.

So, I guess you already know, I shall be planting this flower for good. I've forgotten its name though, I shall remember to ' report ' next year.

Don't you just love pleasant surprizes too? I wish you a great weekend with a delightful ' unexpected harvest '!


stay-at-home mum said...

Such beautiful flowers!! You have a great weekend too!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Those flowers are stunning and I can perfectly understand your father..I wish I had a garden and spend the all day there!
I hug you tightly dear

Ellena said...

Wow...this is so beautiful...stardust!!!... Isn't this sweet peas? I used to grow these in Australia during my stay there.... I love to grow my own fruits and vegetables...too bad i can't do this in singapore.

Ladybird said...

I thought those are sweet peas? Aren't they?
By the way, I recognised some of those pretty flowers :) , and the 'viola' ;) .

Seen This Scene That said...

Beautiful flowers, and a great weekend to you too!

NottieGirL said...

does pea comes in hairy coats? khehee....
i loves the colours of those flowers!

bp said...

Gorgeous! Way to go, Stardust, with your starter-garden, and with your very green fingers, I know we can look forward to more pretty blooms and edible greens, too!

Stardust said...

Dear everyone,

FLOWERS! FLOWERS FOR ALL OF YOU! E-FLOWERS! For the loving in you! Hugs.