29 May 2008

Paris Je T'aime, and Ernie still finds me

Watching rented DVD at home is one of the cheapest entertainment one can afford in Japan. On special days, the rental store rents half of the usual price even for movies released weeks' old, an offer too irresistable.

I've forgotten to blog on the movies I've watched for the past months, mostly because there weren't many good pieces I've watched. As for Paris Je T'aime ( or ' Paris, I love you ' ), er hem, I've been persuaded to watch this ' a-miss-not-great-film '.

It's not exactly bad actually. The 120mins or so film consists of 18 short episodes that take place in Paris. Dialogues are in French, I had to catch the Jap subtitles that may have been coarsely translated, but I realized that the lines may not constitute the many frames it has.

The scenes are so unbelievably short that they got us seeing each other, ' Huh? It's over already? ', but we got used to it after the 3rd plot or so. Every story HAS a neat theme indeed but the scene-life is so short that they end up somewhat deprived or incomplete. Most are intriguing, some delightful, some of them sorry. Watching the film feels like savouring 18 starter dishes served in teaspoons, make you crave for more, only to leave the table still hungry. Not a course that I would recommend, if you have some real serious appetite.

I wouldn't watch this if not for my sister's strong recommendation. A , a true blue artsy-fartsy who preys on stuff beyond the mediocre, demands an opinion later, then get me convinced by the end that I'm just ' plain stupid '. Sigh... it' pretty tough being the eldest sister of 2 intelligent and playful siblings sometimes, I'm often caught out of wits! Try putting an ordinary person and 2 near-prodigies together, get my picture?

I shan't lament on my lack of ' clever-genes ' anymore, cos I know full well that I am ' fearfully and wonderfully made ' ( Pslam 139:14 ). =) Despite the enormous difference in gift, I'm never despised by lil bro D and A ( or is it ' H '/ ' S ' / ' C ' / etc the active name now? ) Maybe, I should call my sister ' Ernie ' in my blog.

Know Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and you can imagine how I've agonized during my childhood. I was ( and still AM ) the boring, quiet Bert of course, while one-year junior sister perfected the role of Ernie ( she still does ). Lil bro D born 15 years later than me, has no part in our Sesame Street role-play, which I consider a relief.

Watch the video below to find out how we slept when we were sharing a room together as kids. Silence the radio at the bottom of the page to cease interruption.

Believe me... she had her props around to make the night scene perfect and complete.

And Ernie still finds Bert, with her unchanging mischief. I wonder what's next she brings me...

Sorry if I've digressed. If you've watched ' Paris Je T'aime ', won't you tell me if I'm the only one puzzled.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Good morning darling! This video incredible!
Thanks for your visits that enlight my days dear :-D you really are a wonderful person and I'm so proud of you and who you are...:-D yes I defenetly love Jesus to a child and I have the Berlin Mtv award recorded ..if you look on youtube for his tour you can hear him singing that song and many other and still he makes me cry!
A big hug

Carmen said...

beautiful photo compliments

bp said...

That's Ernie alright, cute clip! And hehe, you are such the loving big sis, your sis and brother must love you so much for accommodating them =).

I haven't watched that French movie, but understand what you mean about shows that end but doesn't quite feel like they have! I'll be scratching my head, wondering, what'd I miss... or is it I didn't get it?

Btw, I think the clever-est genes always go to the firstborn ;p

Stardust said...

SILVIA! I've finally found it in Youtube after years, it wasn't there years back. HUGS... We'll be in love with the song forever, don't we?

Hi Carmen, thank you.

Bp, izzit true?? that the clever-est genes always go to the firstborn? Then, something's way wrong with the distribution of genes at my home. Haaa... P/s: don't bother about watching the french movie.