19 May 2008

Good things for keeps

Cold damp feel of clay gives me a dusty old nostalgia. When I put down the pottery wheel some 17 years ago ( It's been 17 years already? ), I never imagined that I would ever touch clay again.


I was in my school's pottery club for 2 years, where I made 2 large pots and some small stuff. I didn't have the luxury of keeping any of my efforts, 2 were displayed in the school's art gallery, the rest were ' recycled ' to produce fresh clay. I was filled with envy when some my friends got to take home their works that are spared from the art gallery or recycling process. I wished I hadn't achieve the extremes.

I can't say exactly that I LOVE pottery, but the moment when I learnt about a place nearby that offers pottery lesson, the cells within were revived! We were there last year, and my husband enjoyed the experience so much that he decided we should return again this Spring.

This year, I've made myself a mug with a handle and a large saucer to go along. Why the hideously unbalanced saucer? Hmm... I've thought of having some cookies on the saucer when I have a cup of drink. =) There on the handle, I planted a bee. A sloppy job though. =P

I think I'v mentioned, there's a strange affinity between bee and me. A bee happened to buzz around me when I was working on my cup, and I just knew, that I should pin a ' bee ' somewhere. My husband said that the shape of my mug looked somewhat like Winnie the Pooh's hunny pot.

He made a large Jap style mug ( with no handle ), and 2 small plates. I like this leaf imprinted plate. I gave him the idea, but I think he has done a job far more marvellous than the brainchild.

Very unlike the method that I applied back in school, the teachers here taught us a very easy way to mould the clay into desired shape. Despite being ' easy ', it took quite a feat to complete. They shall be sent for burning, and we're waiting to see how they turn out in late June.

Of one thing I'm sure : I must have lost my pottery skills on the graduation day, when I bid my pots goodbye at the art gallery. This time, my works are for keeps! =)

After the pottery lesson, our kind teachers offered us tea as usual. I've always enjoyed this homely session with the couple in their 60's, this is one of the reason that makes us go back. Then, the jovial wife recommended us a ' secret garden ' to enjoy fading Sakura and Tulips at the same time.

So here they are, a very rare collaboration. Dedicating these especially to sweet bp.





It was the last day of the ' Golden Week ' holiday actually. We had fun memories, pictures and many good things for keeps.


I wish you a blessed week ahead with lots of rewarding keeps. =)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My honey these things you've done are fantastic! You are really talented!
And fantastic also the photos!
I always come here to find some piece of soul..you are a rare God's gift to me :-D

Kate / Kajal said...

Stardust , u have stolen my heart with all these tulips. How i wish i was there, amidst all those flowers , in the gardens of pure beauty. Nice pictures.
I havent touched clay in ages too. your cups look too cute. Nice to see you're having fun making them

stay-at-home mum said...

Those pottery you made are so beautiful. Ditto the flower pics!! Thanks for sharing.

Ladybird said...

The pottery lessons sound fun! I wish I can try one day.

The tulips look so colorful and lovely! One can be fooled that you might have taken those pictures in Holland at the Keukenhof, the tulip farm ;) .

dot said...

YOu are talented..not only in pottery making but also in photography! I enjoyed your photos very much.
The colors of the flowers are amazing.

bp said...

Ooh, the blooms are gorgeous, so is the sunset view!

And I love all the works you and your husband have crafted with your hands! The bee is such a nice touch, think Pooh (happy) thoughts now! =)

One day, some day, I hope to try mine on pottery, too!

Ellena said...

Hi Julia, even though I had not being feeling well the past few weeks but then when I saw all these beautiful pictures of yours. My heart melts.... they are really stunning.... i love those colour from the flowers it really marks my dull day and sad feeling of being unwell......

Stardust said...

I'll be most happy if you really can find some solace in this blog, as this is one of the objectives maintaining it. Bless you...

Hi Kate,
Glad that you love the tulips. So I bet you lay your hands on clay too? =D

Thank you, but the pots are really nothing actually, but still usable. Hahaha...

Oh Ladybird,
I was so close to visiting Kuekenhof but there was a change in plan! CRY! I really hope to visit it one day. Pottery lessons are fun and provide concrete stuff
to bring home for memory. =)

Hi Dot,
Uh uh, I'm not talented like you think. It's not the photos, rather, the beauty of the flowers. Oh yes, I enjoy your photos very much too!

Hi bp,
If you don't hate dirtying your hands, pottery is a fine experience indeed. You get to bring home the product too. =) I hope to see your produce one day. =D

Hi Lena,
I'll be writting you soon. Chin up, and find rest in the Lord!! Hugs...