16 May 2008

TGIF, Thank you & Thanksgiving

Shout : TGIF! F...F...F...F...

That fetched an echo. =)
Admit it. Don't you just love Friday?!?! =)))))
Before my return on Monday, I simply want to leave this desk with a cheery tone. =)

What a week it has been! It's very upsetting to watch the news on TV about people suffering in Myanmar and China. Some friends are having predicament, and restless... At home, a little disturbances here and there, but it has been a gracious week to be thankful for. =) I mean, we're living in peaceful times nonetheless, compared to people out there who are confronting serious issues.

We're still learning to give thanks, in fair times and bad.

Not forgetting appreciation to those around us! For myself, great blog pals whom I've come to know! Thank you bp, for the ' E ' award though it's truly a big one for this God-Blessed Box ( I'll still keep it anyway =P ), but I'd like to acknowledge your kindness. It's not exactly the award, but the friendship with sincere concern, and all the heartfelt encouragement that your blog offers. A BIG ' thank you ' and warm hug to you...

To close, a quick roundup of my Orchids' progress...

Ran Ran ( left ) didn't make it since the damage during recent winter. We bid her goodbye in late April actually. Still, we are thankful for her time with us. She was spotlessly gorgeous, and I'm sure that anyone who sees Ran Ran in person will be astounded by her grace. She was definitely one of the most beautiful Orchid we had.

Apparently, Ran Ran is too difficult to raise during freezing winter in Nagano, and many florists have refused to deal with this species in particular. First, it is 3 times costly than ordinary orchids. Second, conservatory-groomed species like Ran Ran are vulnerable in cold areas. However, it is still my desire to own Ran Ran and face the challenge again, so, I'll keep you posted when my new pot comes. =P

Rejoice with me! Good Phal Kun survived his first winter, not unscathed actually. He's left with 2 strong leaves since the winter ordeal. I couldn't believe my eyes when he started sprouting out in March! As I watch him grow day by day, I can't help imagining his new looks in months to come!
It's not just joy, but a thankful heart that something precious to me manage to stay around. It's like a miracle, I was so close to losing Phal Kun.

Well done Phal Kun! Grow Phal Kun, GROW!


And then it's Rowndy, who's already fully bloomed for 3 weeks. Know what I mean by Orchids really last? Every flower is still fresh and sturdy! I bet Rowndy is going to last for at least another 2 weeks!

I deliberately took the picture in a soft mode, that makes him go in sync with the morning sun. I love this fresh and warm look he has. What a darling.
For the benefit of potential Orchid keepers, I shall share tips on raising Orchids, when I manage to find time later. Phal Kun and Rowndy are going to be my assistants! =D

Anyone born in May or happens to know May's Birth flower? It is the Lily of the Valley ( right ). I fell in love with this flower more than a decade ago when I first saw its picture, it was later that I found out that it is the flower that represents May.
With May being a special month for us ( our birthdays and wedding anniversary fall in May ), I can't wait to invite this flower to stay with us. Some may know that there are several species, and I finally found the shape I wanted! This is called a ' Dutch Lily of the Valley '. Below shows a shot taken from underneath.

Not to bore you but I truly hope that pictures of plants do bring ease to your eyes. =) They certainly have a relaxing effect on me! I wish you a blessed weekend... =)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Good morning my dear!
Bored? :-D not at all!
You've got fantastic flowers and plants in your home. I adore to lood at those little white flowes they are so relaxing
Congrats for the award...you deserve it!
A big kiss

bp said...

TGIF, and Hugs for you! Life is fragile, and yes, the events are a reminder for us to not take life itself for granted and to count our blessings.

Did I read "birthdayS"... so besides your Bear's, it's also yours this month? Happy (belated?) b'day to you! My little boy's is this weekend, in the month of May also!

Congrats again on the award, I'm blessed by your sharing, and cheers to our growing friendship!

Love how well your orchids are doing, and that's a pretty shot you took of Ran Ran, besides the nice pictures you've captured of all the others! You sure have a green thumb, and orchids can't be easy to take care of!

Have a wonderful weekend now, Stardust, you and your Bear!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love flowers!! I wish I could have millions and millions of them here... but of course being in such a small space, I cannot and I have no gardens so I will enjoy them here as I always do!
My husband's birthday is May 24th and I know of this flower! So pretty... I hope you have a wonderful weekend, I know I am. Weekends mean I spend time with my hubby and we go everywhere!
Talk to you soon!!
(Hugs to you)

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,
Glad that you like the flowers, I hope that they bloom around you always. =)

Hi bp,
Thank you for the birthday wish, so sweet of you, hugs. Ah yes, Orchids are difficult, but I enjoy taking care of them.

Hi Michele,
It's a small place here too, and no garden, but, we find pleasure in some indoor pots. Instead of cooping up at home, don't you just LOVE weekends? ;)