14 May 2008

Sakura takes a bow, and the Petal Dance begins


It was a late April affair, but I found no time to post this and I apologize for the stale delay. =P

After a week of glamour, the flaunt of Sakura ends. She takes a bow and descends.


Nevertheless, Sakura's beauty is still admired when she's nearing the end. The Japanese calls this period, ’桜吹雪’which literally means ' Sakura blizzard '. Picture this : As wind rustles the sprouting leaves gently, the delicate petals detach themselves from the branches and take a lift into the air. They swirl and flit along with the breeze, with many travelling together, dancing side by side. Finally, they'll land in different spots, and be swept up all over again, until they find rest where the wind no longer reaches them.

Do you see the petals resting on the water surface? I adore the daintly spotted sight.


I'd rather name this lovely scene in my blog, the ' Petal Dance '. It's like watching numerous naughty petals flirting in wanderlust, and being carefree...

Just when we thought that this flower comes and goes in a heavenly gesture, we may be in for a deceptive mistake.


Last year, we were busy with house-building plans, and garden planning was one of them. When I told my husband that I would like to have a Sakura tree in the garden, he gave me a flat ' NO '.

My husband claimed that Sakura trees get incredibly large over the years with roots expanding widely, which may upset the ground. Many households seem to have their Sakura trees out of control, only to cut them off in the end.


Another explained fact got me dismiss the idea completely. IMAGINE the trouble of sweeping the petals and going after them as they ' dance ' in the wind! Clearing the mess, and serve the tree 2 times a year ( after Autumn and Spring ) sounds like complete lunacy to me!

Anyway, the building plan is pushed back but the garden's verdict is reached : NO Sakura trees allowed. See the following picture and get my idea!


And so, I've come to appreciate the Sakura trees outdoors, their awesome blooms, and vain petal dance, at a deal absolutely hassle-free. =)

As we looked back and contemplated on how we've spent 2008 so far, we're amazed how fast time has passed but how much more abundant we've made 2008 for ourselves. Last year, we didn't get to enjoy the seasons and burnt every weekends or possible time on much important matters. We've spent much time silly, trying hard to resolve matters at the wrong time... It was like a huge sack off our backs when we've round up everything and decided to have a fun 2008.

Life in a hurried pace robs much of happiness that may have been laid in our hands, but failed to grasp.

Take time, take time... this is what we've learnt after we've reviewed Spring of 2007 and 2008. There is a time for everything under the sun, and in God's best timing, things get into place in utmost perfection. We've learnt not to be anxious about matters and enjoy what's being presented to us, now.

' Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. ' Phillipians 4:6

Don't let ' urgent matters ' grab you and turn you away from what deserve your attention more. =)

Spring doesn't end just yet. Look! New signs of life are such a comforting sight. We'll see what more Spring is going to bring in... =)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Your photos are always so stunning..you can make a picture of them and hang on the wall!
A real art!
Thanks for sharing!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

If I could only jump on one of those petals and fly away with it...up up up, it is what I so want to do today.
A beautiful silken carpet to take me away... what a lovely thought.

Your pictures are beautiful... your thoughts and words are amazing. Thank you for coming and commenting in my blogs, it means so much to me.
I hope all is well and you are feeling better.

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks again for sharing all those wonderful pictures with us.

Seen This Scene That said...

Keep up the presentation of beautiful pictures. Your pictures seem to dance as well as your words. Enjoy and take care!

bp said...

I like how you call this the Petal Dance, and as always, thank you for putting the words and descriptions to these pretty pictures so we can make sense of them right away!

Thanks too for the reminder to take time, and indeed God who knows best and knows our heart's desires will make all things beautiful in His time =). Rest in Him, and praying for His peace to be yours, dear!

Stardust said...

Silvia, my pictures are hardly art! I merely enjoy keeping sights of what I've seen. Nevertheless, thanks for your encouragement. Hugs.

Dear Michele, that's EXACTLY what I want to do too! Fly away from here and forget the world! Maybe we can fly together?

Hi SAHM, it's nothing, but I thank you for dropping by, really. =)

Hi STST, oh? I think your words are true dancers.

Dear bp, thank you for your ever-encouraging words, and kind prayer. Love ya!