07 April 2008

Introducing Rowndy

I've started appreciating flowers and plants after I've moved to Japan. The bustling city life that I used to spend in Singapore before I was married, gave me no time indeed, to watch a flower and give a sniff.

The cold experience of winter is one reason that makes me come to love flowers more. During the freezing season, one hardly sees any colors of plants besides bouquets. Spring on the other hand, flaunts her charm so effortlessly with colors of any bloom, and thaws the heart of any enchanted admirers.

Still, my first love is Orchids. Some readers may have already known my Phal Kun and Ran Ran ( picture on the left ). As reported in my previous post, Phal Kun and Ran Ran have suffered damages during the recent winter. While Phal Kun is stablizing well, Ran Ran is showing so sign of recovery. If this continues, I may lose Ran Ran one of these days... I shall keep on watching them and post on their progress towards end of April.

Having no blooms during Spring makes our home blue. My husband noticed the emptiness in me and has been bringing me places to look for a new Orchid plant. And here comes our new gem!

Introducing Rowndy, another Phalaenopsis species like Phal Kun and Ran Ran, known again being the ' difficult flower to grow in Japan '. I know that it's going to be another challenge, but I'm not going to be daunted by the setback of last winter! Wish me all the best! =D

I've given the name ' Rowndy ' purely by ' first feel '. Since ' Rowndy ' doesn't sound feminine, it's a boy. =) I know well most flowers are called a ' she ', but I beg to differ for the case of Orchids. For your information, the word ' Orchid ' is derived from the word ' Orchis ', which means ' testicles '. Hee hee hee...

Good Rowndy has two grown stems, heavy with bursting buds. He blends in very well with the room, with custard-like yellow and pink blushing center. He's truly a delight to look at. I shall share more on Rowndy when he's come to a full bloom!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Hi Sturdust! First of all thanks for you visit and secondly what a beautiful flower..I really would love to have hundreds of flowers in my flat but I'm always out so..:-( they would die!!
I'll start with some plants outside at the end of April..let's hope! Wonderful post as ever.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Well, I didn't know that about Orchids. Hmmm... that's funny. I laughed out loud when I read that. I'll probably never look at another orchid in the same way again... hahaha. I still think they are such a pretty flower.

The Rowndy is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing it in full bloom. Have a wonderful week!

stay-at-home mum said...

Those blooms are beautiful. Someone gave me an orchid plant with a beautiful flower. After the flower died, I did not know what to do, how to fertilise etc, so now I have a flowerless orchid plant sitting in the garden.

Jade said...

Pretty or should it be Handsomely Rowndy ;)
Just to share, a friend of mine had very beautiful orchids in her garden. Her secret to make her orchids bloom is to place cotton wools soaked in Guinness Stout at the roots of her Orchids. Not sure how or why it works but her orchids are blooming well.

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,

You're a flower-lover too, aren't you? Shall be checking on your April's project then! ;)

Hi Michele,

I laughed out loud too when I read the information. HA! Thank you for your nice comment. :)

Hi Stay-at-home-mum,

Oh, your Orchid should be the limelight of your garden! Would you like to show me the photo of it so that I can determine the species, and perhaps share some tips with you? Email me! Orchids are so lovely and at good times, they bloom twice in a year!

Hi Jade,

Wow, you seem to notice Orchids too! Glad that your friend has her Orchids blooming well. If she has the fellas outdoors, very likely that those Orchids are the ' easier species ' to rear. Some outdoor/forest Orchids are so easy that they need little or no attention. Nevertheless, I feel happy for your friend that her efforts are paying off. :D

bp said...

How pretty, oops, I mean Rowndy's looking handsome! =)

Know what you mean that life in Singapore can be so harried, for me it's also until staying abroad and having lived through the seasons, that I do stop and smell the flowers! And appreciate what a welcome change and contrast spring is to a more "dead" winter (and as a matter of fact, I was just blogging about this, before coming over)!

Stardust said...

Hi bp,

Oh yes, I agree with you that busy Singaporeans are perhaps so jaded with life sometimes that we forget to pause and look at things around us...