13 May 2008

A Birthday Blessing, a baking lesson, & a Wife's Prayer

My husband's birthday falls on the 12th of May. This year for the first time, I had secretly planned to bake my husband a birthday cake! =D

It has been a strenuous weekend for us. There were so much mind-boggling thoughts that made me felt much like a punctured tyre that won't forward another feet more... but I decided not to let this dull mood pull me down. If I don't make this day a special one for my Bear, nobody else will. =)

So the task began before I knew that I was in for another good baking lesson. =P Ahh...


The chosen recipe was a simple roll cake, as I do not possess a round tin that makes a conventional round birthday cake. ' It's the thought that counts ', and I started the project with hope that it'll make the day perfect.

Experienced bakers would have detected that the cake seems somewhat flat and true enough, it wasn't soft and spongy like it was supposed to be! For the cause, I probably need not recollect much to study where went wrong. The entire instruction was carefully fulfilled except for one : silly me forgot to preheat the oven beforehand and had to let the batter sit for 10 mins or so while preheating the oven! Anyway, this may not be the core reason behind the failure though, I shall be attempting the recipe again in hope for a decent roll cake the next time.

As I presented the lighted birthday cake to my darling, I carried it with a prayerful heart. ' Dear Lord, please bless this man, with good health and many blessed years ahead of us... ' It is always such a joy to see the child-like delight on his face, he did not expect anything else other than the favourite dishes that he requested. I truly felt sorry about the flunk, but he wasn't too disappointed with the cake, my husband has always been an accepting person. A promise to bake a better roll cake next time put a perfect grin on this greedy guy's face.

As a wife, I desire to be a blessing to my husband, and to find favour in God's eyes as a good partner. There may be tiring times, but the moment when I know that my efforts are appraised by the Lord, it gives me the strength to carry on. May I never forget to ever embrace my partner with an edifying love and to think first his interest rather than my own. Not solely on birthdays or special days, may I always remember to shower a gentle love and care, with a cheerful heart. =)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Happy blessed birthday to your hubby darling!
That cake is amazing you are really talended in baking :-D
I send lots of kisses

Piggy said...

The cake still looks very pretty even though it may not be as spongy as it should be. I can't make a perfect sponge cake as well, even though I've tried it a few times already. :-P

Ladybird said...

The roll-cake looks amazing! Coindentally I had a strawberry roll-cake last weekend too! :)
Your husband is a lucky man ;)

Jade said...

U r not only Sweet but Talented and has lotsa hidden Potential, Stardust! It is a very nice cake you have made for your hubby. Such a loving wifey (^^,) Tell your hubby that I say, he is a lucky man =P

May the Lord continue to shower the both of you with his blessings!

stay-at-home mum said...

Many happy returns to your bear!
I thought it was a lovely cake if you had not mentioned what was wrong. I am sure he appreciated the hard work that went into it!!

bp said...

Hi Stardust,
With all your labour of love, what a perfect day it must have been for your husband... belated birthday wishes to him! Sorry, I'm just catching up with your updates now! Your cake looks great, really, and must be very yummy, too!

Amen to your prayers and desires... you have such a sweet spirit =)... may God's bountiful blessings be with you and yours always!

Stardust said...

Thank you Silvia! I bet he'll be very pleased. =)))

Piggy! Thanks so much for your encouragement! Your hands are meant for great demanding recipes!! Keep making me drool! =D

Thank you Ladybird. T is a lucky guy too. ;)

Ah Jade, my effort is nothing compared to yours. I think your produce is heavenly!

Hi SAHM, thanks for the well-wishes! Thanks for not noticing the fault in my cake too. =P

Hello bp, thanks for dropping by, and all your warm wishes. Hugs...