27 May 2008

An assembly of pictures : sights of Spring


We've just welcomed May some weeks ago, and now June is approaching...

In Nagano, the coming of June spells the end of Spring and arrival of pouring monsoon, making it the worst season to travel around Japan.

Weather hasn't been fair for recent weekends, and it's a shame to watch Spring slipping away before our eyes. It'll take 6 weeks or so for the monsoon to go, before Summer's turn to flaunt its fiery samba . Until then, here are some sights that we've managed to capture this Spring.


The Carp-shaped streamer ( 鯉幟 ) featured above is raised country-wide in early May, in celebration of Children's Day on 5th May. To be exact, these banners are dedicated to boys, and families with male offspring fly these banners outside their houses.

The field of yellow Rape Blossoms ( 菜の花 )and revealing alps make the scene picture-perfect.


I never grow sick of Rape Blossoms. I adore the collaboration of fresh yellow and green. No matter how the weather fares, they never fail to appeal to me. Somehow, I've noticed that Rape Blossom frields produce great photographs despite moody-weather times.

The month of May triggers busy hands in plantations and fields. The left picture shows seedlings of rice plant, waiting to be sit into rice padi.

I don't know about you, but I simply love fresh green or the crisp-likeness found in young sprouted leaves that the Japanese calls ' 若葉 ', which literally means ' young leaves '.

At another field ’蓮華 ’( Chinese milk vetch ) are attracting lotsa bees to them! Bees are attracted to most flowers, but the Chinese milk vetch is one that's extra special. A honey-producing company stresses that its honey is extracted from bees working on Chinese milk vetch.

Shy husband refused to pose for a picture in my blog. The picture on the right should not annoy him, I suppose. =P Spot the bee below, if you can find it. =)


Let's take a walk into the woods.




I wish I knew the name of this petite flower. The name mentioned in the label failed to be translated. How do you like the violet buds and baby blue petals?


I'm not sure if these furballs are Dandelion ( タンボボ ). I thought Dandelion stands individually? Maybe these clusters are relatives to Dandelion? Somehow, they look more ' cottony ' to me.

Picture of Dandelion that I've known.

Dandelions are found in Singapore too, but their size is perhaps 1/3 of what I've seen in Japan.


Strawberries? Nah... I don't know the name of these furries.

Sorry about the lack of information, but I hope these pictures have brightened up your day! May the rest of your week be great. =)


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

The milk vetch looks just like our clover! Bees luv that too!

We hav lots ov fields ov oil seed rape too. All yello an musty. It maykes Daddy sneez!

I like the idea ov summer doin a fiery samba.

We had hot weather till Friday then it got windy. Theez larst 2 days weev had gales an rain. The frogs in the garden cayme out larst nite. It's fun to see them all sittin abowt in the rayne waitin for insekts.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Darling! Light of my eyes!! these photos give me serenity and piece so thank you a lot for them!
I love you dear!
Can you feel my hug? :-D I'm next to you!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Your photos are so pretty and colorful... I really enjoyed your walk into the forest.

I think that's a great tradition of the Carp streamer, I didn't know that. That was nice to learn. I would be flying that outside my home all the time in love of the sport of fishing... LOL

I truly loved this post... it was nice to see all the beautiful flowers... hope you had a nice weekend.

Big hugs to you.

Seen This Scene That said...

Superb series of photographs on colourful flowers, trees and seedlings! I enjoyed this wonderful walk in Nagano's spring scene.

Ladybird said...

It's really nice, seeing all these sceneries of Japan through your site.

At first glance, I really thought those are strawberries :) .

I like capture of the butterfly on the chinese milk vetch field!

bp said...

Yes, your pictures always have a way of brightening up my day! What an awesome collection of spring at its loveliest you have there!

And whenever the page is loading and I see a new banner, I know there's more to gawk at further down the page! =)

Piggy said...

your pictures always make my jaws drop... ;-)

Stardust said...

Dear Bob, have fun rain or shine, but don't attempt to ride the frogs. =P

Dear Silvia, thank you for feeling what I wish to convey across. Love ya.

Ha Michele, I get what you mean! My husband would be flying there outside for the love of fishing too, but it'll be too awkward here. Hugs.

Hi STST, you've provided great walks from my beloved country. Thanks for your effort.

Hi Ladybird, look like strawberries indeed, don't they? =D

Dear bp, I've got nothing to post except pictures. Heheh. If they've brightened up your day, I'll be most pleased.

Piggy oh Piggy, I've lost my jaws since I've found your blog. Lots of saliva too. =P