12 September 2008

Iced green tea with japanese plum wine, a delightful concoction for Summer

Late Summer in Japan is usually blowing hot and cold. I find myself changing attire 2 or 3 times a day this week, in order to tackle the fickle temperature!


On outright sizzling days like these afternoons, I'll jump at the opportunity to make some cold drinks to beat the heat . I know... ( sheepish grin ), it's awfully late and Autumn is closing in... I should have blogged about this much earlier... Honestly, I forgot to! Hahahaha!!! Well I thought I better blog about it now for ' amnesia ' may find me again next Summer. Wahahaha...


Anyway, anybody remembers the Japanese Plum Wine I've blogged about here and here? Yep, the same wine again, and this time with... guess what? Japanese green tea!


Now this isn't my formula, the TV commercial of the Japanese Plum Wine shared this ( I thought I heard ' phew 's =P ). Simply prepare some green tea, and get it chilled if it's some harsh heat you're battling there. To serve, mix green tea with Japanese plum wine, the ratio is 3:1. Add rocks for an icy cold finish.


You may wish to figure out your preferred alcoholic level, and give it an extra punch. I thought that the combination as it is, is totally brilliant! I relish the subtle taste of wine within the refreshing green tea, it's a total delight for grownups, and perfect with a good dinner. Hic*

We're having a longer weekend as Japan is having a public holiday on Monday! I'll catch you soon when I'm back. Have a great weekend!


umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

Jade said...

This concoction sounds good for weather here! Perfect!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

It looks absolutely delightful!! I know if I could dabble into the spirits of wine, I know this is something I would love to try!

I hope you both have a wonderful long weekend!!!



Piggy said...

Blame it on my poor imagination but I'm unable to visualise how green tea tastes like with plum wine. I'd love to hv a sip of that though! ;-)

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe - esp for those of us who have summer all year round!! sounds really refreshing!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

This looks wunderful!!!

Did yu eat mooncake??? Is that soon? Or did I miss it?


Sorry I've just notist I dident hav yor link on my list of blogger buddies. Sorry! I think I tryd wun day wen blogger waz playin up, an cuddent, but then forgot to go bak an try agen. I've addid it now tho!


Stardust said...


Jade, YES! I'm sure it works there. =)

Michele, thank you! Hugs.

Piggy, do try it when you're out of SA!

SAHM, yes dear, it should work there!

Bob, I've not eaten mooncake fer yearsss ( count the 's's an you'll noe how meny ). Japan dusen't have mooncakes everywhere. =( De linking matter, it's really OK!! Nose hugs.