16 September 2008

Summer trip by the sea ( I )

We were off for a short holiday over the recent long weekend, at Niigata ( 新潟 )alongside Sea of Japan.

The near 3 hours travel on highway provided a rare chance for me to run at 130km/h, definitely not a speed I get to drive on normal road, especially when I'm under the scrutiny of the Bear. Hahaha! Driving on highways makes me HIGH!

We were especially thankful about the weather, which was supposedly awful as forecasted. True enough, it was raining all the way during the travelling, but the skies cleared up by the time we've reached the sea! We couldn't believe our eyes as we watched the sky transform! God is so gracious to us!!

Watching the transforming sky.

The sea is probably a rare sight to those who reside in mountaineous regions. Like a little boy who sees the beach for the first time, Bear is often fascinated by the crashing waves and the scent of salted air.


For the love of the fishing sport that Bear is so passionate about, and the picky me who prefers seafood to meat courses, a holiday by the sea is a pick that can't go wrong. We love the place so much that we returned for the 3rd visit. =D


It's the time of the year that the Bear catches a breather and lays hand on his fishing rod, while I enjoy embracing the seaside nature. Watching the setting sun dyeing the sea and others in champagne gold, looking for special finds, and fiddling the camera...

Not forgetting to search for a heart rock I've hoped to find, but to no avail... Yet, let me show you what I've found!


It was a broken shell that seemed to be crafted into a shape of heart! I was filled with awe when it caught my eye, and pondered how nature worked to create something this incredible... Imagine my joy when I spotted the rare Heart!

And more to this, a beautiful sunset that took our breath away... Again, not something that we took for granted, for our room maid claimed that sunset could not be seen for the past 2 days due to a cloudy weather!



Fishing maniac Bear achieved his top purpose too! His patience duly rewarded with a puffer fish catch, which he promptly released back to the sea after this shot. It's our ' family tradition ' to release fishes caught. =)


Our stomachs growled as we watched the sun retiring to the horizon. Quickly, we had our hot spring bath of rich minerals before the sumptuous dinner of fine seafood!


Just a glimpse of what we had. I was too engrossed feasting, unwilling to stain my camera either. Hahahahah....For those who enjoy cooking and food presentation, I hope that some pictures do help as reference.

Enjoying Japanese cuisine or courses, can be pleasant and rather uncomfortable experience at the same time. Notice the number and variety of plates used? Note : I've not captured the entire course and the several dishes served later! Seriously, I often pity the person who does the dishes... what a chore it must be to wash up everything!


To hardcore seafood-lovers and friends who enjoy travelling Japan, here's a fact I feel a need to share. Forget the cities if it's supreme seafood you're looking for. A trip to prefectures adjacent to the sea, promises the most fleshy, fresh and sweet seafood at totally irresistable prices!


Niigata is especially famous for its produce of delicious rice, making the fresh seafood cuisine a total gastronomic delight. One of the reasons that makes the Bear return to Niigata faithfully over the years.


As we recollected thoughtfully, all would have been less than perfect if not for the goodness of the Lord. The miraculous change of weather that allowed Bear's fishing, a beautiful sunset, and the discovery of the ' Heart '. We really couldn't be more grateful!


A lovely memory it is, for Summer 2008. =)

I'll be sharing Part II tomorrow. Stay tuned!


bp said...

how lovely, everything is as perfect as it can be... thanks for sharing, and i'm glad you and Bear had a beautiful weekend =)

love all your shots, and how you've captured the goodness of our Lord... i'll be back for more later!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Hun!! :-D so many stunning photos you have put here today! it is a wonderful place dear and I hope you enjoyed yourself a lot during your trip!
lots of hugs and kisses , love you, god bless you!

sharilyn said...

WOW! what beautiful pictures, stardust, and what looks like it was a purely delightful holiday!! you are blessed! that red sun in the last picture--amazing!! i've yet to be able to capture one like that though i 'ooh' and 'aahh' over it in the sky when i am treated to one! AND THAT HEART!!! that was just for you from your loving Father!! what a gift! you lucky girl, you! :) your heart rock will come... probably when you least expect it... that shell, though, is a special treasure!
so glad you had a great time...the sea truly is a magical place--it always gives me such perspective, as in 'i am so small, and this is all so big! God really is awe-some!'
thanks for sharing! ~sharilyn

Jade said...

Beautiful Sunset, Wonderful Seafood Spread, a Lovely Heart piece and a Lovey Dovey Couple to share the wonderous works of our Lord!

HE has made everything beautiful in its time...Ecclesiastes 3:11

Looking forward to reading part II of your summer trip! (^^,)

Ellena said...

Wow.....what a enjoyable holiday you and bear had went through.... Thank God for all the gracious time that He had set aside for both of you to enjoy.....:) Hope to see u in sg soon... Take care till then.... :p

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

Ladybird said...

Oh my goodness...I was drooling on the food. Indeed a nice getaway with your hubby :) .

Oh by the way, congratulations on your 3rd award and talking about awards :) ..I'm still looking for recipients..so I'll come back and collect mine in due time ;)

Piggy said...

wah, speeding on the highway! you naughty girl.. haha!

The pics of seafood spread make me drool.... Do you mean the rice in Niigata tastes different than what you have in Nagano? That's very interesting.

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Sounds like a wonderful time away...the last of the Lazy Summer days. Beautiful sunsets...meditations on God's peace!! The white heart-shaped shell is stunning...it reminds of the scripture quote, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matthew 5:8)

Glad to see your 'Spot the Heart' project continues...you're bound to discover a heart rock soon :-)


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Such pretty photos... the sky looks so pretty. I never have fished in the sea. We have only lakes here.

Scrumptious seafood. I love seafood and can eat miles and miles of it. What a feast that lays before your eyes! Beautiful!

The heart shaped shell is a special addition to your day... what a delight to your time together!
I am glad you both had a very nice time... the memories will last a life time!

nessie said...

perfect shot taken of the transforming sky...I love the beach so much and have felt how wonderful it is if i were there too!

u really njoyed urself so much dear.thanks for sharing such beautiful moments at the beach. now i feel like going to the beach soon...


Stardust said...

BP, it was a lovely weekend to be thankful for indeed. =D Thanks so much for dropping by, but don't push yourself too much!

Silvia, thank you!

Sharilyn, YES! The HEART! I deem it special from the Lord!!

Ellena, thank you!

Ladybird KY, thanks for dropping by!

Piggy, yah, that's true. Every prefecture has its own specialty or awesome produce. As for rice, Niigata reigns first. Me hungry again. =P

Kimberly, thanks! I really hope so!

Michele, thank you and I really hope that things are getting better for you.

Nessie, hahaha, you've got plenty of chances by the beach!