05 September 2008

First Heart, Heart Ring, Heart tales...

Weeeee!!!!! It's Friday, and we surely hope that it's going to be a fair-weathered weekend, like last week!


Announcing, my first ' Heart ' found in the lovely blues above! Spot the Heart!

We strained our eyes and observed with cynical seconds when we spotted it, quite sure that it would deform anytime with the wind, then the Bear broke out, ' THE CAMERA!! '


We were a little disappointed when the image didn't appeart too ' hearty ' on the cam's screen. Bear assured in his usual self ( and usual grin ), ' We'll find another next time !' It simply got me thinking, ' Where he gets all his positivity from?? ' Didn't all these futile months prove that it truly is a little difficult to spot a Heart in the sky?

And just when we've finished a good lunch and left to get the car, Bear repeated his same old lines of good positivity, ' We'll find one again! '. I couldn't help pretending to yawn at that but he interupted me soon enough, ' Look what I've found you! ' and so I lifted my eyes slowly...




Bear found me a Heart Ring!

Did the Bear pre-arrange everything? Does he practise magic? We didn't have time to think, we needed THE CAMERA!

I hope you'll see a ' Heart ' gem on the ring. Gosh I would have drawn a graphical image of it to show you what I mean, if I have my familiar software on hand now!

How simply has this incident revealed the gray truth about myself. I'm constantly worrying, doubting, preparing myself for the imagined. And while allowing negativity to take over me this easily, I could have missed what's due to me while wallowing in meaningless ponderings!!

I'm all too thankful for my partner who helps me see matters in a different light. Not just this, but all his support and care during these 2 weeks when I was physically down and unable to do much. And just when I got all edgy again over matters he called ' trivials ', Bear coded thoughtfully the message we've received from Church on Sunday,

' Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. ' Phillipians4:6-7

There are so much blessings I've received, and definitely not earned by worrying a single inch!

Are you a pessimist suspect like me too? I guess it's time to fling those cloudy thoughts away, and clear the skies for some surprize that's beyond our imagination.

Have a blessed weekend.


Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...


I'm so excited for you...your 'heart' sightings remind me of the limitless possibilities that exist when we open our eyes and hearts with faith. Wonderful images...makes me want to go cloud gazing! The heart ring is precious :-)

You're lucky to have 'Bear' to offer perspective and encouragement...need to be reminded to not worry...but to pray instead.

Have a blessed weekend...May your cloudy days pass and give way to hearts of love and joy.


sharilyn said...

ah yes, i do see your heart ring! i don't think i would have ever seen that! what a great eye has Bear!! :)

and yes, we pessimists must work at seeing the hearts and love our Lord showers upon us! He is able to IMMEASURABLY more than all we ask or imagine! (Eph 3:20) i'm so very glad for that... for His love and His kindness to us knows no bounds!

i'm still praying for your first heart rock! :) have a great weekend, my friend!

dot said...

Enjoyed this post! I love the heart clouds you found. Hope you find many more.
I just went to visit the Bear and I couldn't get into his blog.

Ladybird said...

I spot the heart ring too! Your husband really has a great imagination ;) .

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

and now it's Monday :-(..:-D but I have you to put the sunshine in my life dear! Thanks for every kind word that you have for me and thanks for being you...as precious as you are! :-D love you so much

Stardust said...

Kimberly, yes dear, my exact sentiments too! The limitless possibilities when we open our eyes and hearts with faith! I agree again, the heart ring is truly precious. I shall keep my faith and eyes open for more. Hugs...

Sharilyn, I didn't see it that way too! I was saying to Bear, ' Yeah, a heart and a donut? '. I'm really not that sharp like Bear. Hahahahah! =D

Dot, thank you, and thanks for dropping by.

Ladybird KY, you do? I first spotted it as a ' heart and a donut ', not until Bear told me it's a ring! Hahahahhaha!!!=D

Silvia, you're my ray of sunshine too,love you. =)