09 September 2008

Gorgeous Summer night

How's Summer doing there?

Here in Nagano, stepping in of September means the going out of Summer.


Bear decided that we catch the final fireworks of Summer last weekend. I couldn't be more pleased! =D

We got so much to thank the Lord for a splendid night out!! Smooth traffic flow, discovery of good bento ( 弁当、 packet food ) and good spot for pitching our picnic mat. Last but not least, an angry rain that raided shortly after the fireworks display. It would have been such a let down from above if rain descended during the fireworks show.


I don't know about you though... To me, fireworks hint romance. Fireworks remind me of a scene in Romeo and Juliet ( 1996 ), where the innocent young hearts fell in love at first sight under the fireworks galore. I don't want to know what fate Shakespeare has dictated for the star-crossed lovers, I merely wish to indulge in that magical moment... the ecstasy of falling in love... Tell me I'm not the only hopeless romantic around!









Fireworks... their beauty is so terribly shortlived. I guess pictures can never be good enough to capture the gorgeous moment anyway.

As we left to get the car, the Bear said in his boyish fervour ' I would like to catch it again next year! '

' Umm... we'll see.. ' said me. ;)

Have a brilliant week, with everything falling in nice and timely. =)


stay-at-home mum said...

Again, we are so blessed to be able to share your wonderful photos. Can I just be bold and ask you a question? What are you doing at home?? You should be out there amongst the professional photographers earning big "mulah"!!

sharilyn said...

wow! that sunset (or rise?) is fantastic!! great catch, stardust!

and i love your fireworks shots! the fireworks you see are a bit different than ours here in the States... some are the same, but you have some beautiful different shapes and patterns and colors (like fireworks photos #3,4,5). the multicolored one is wonderful, and i love the one that looks like white weeping willow trees. mmm. i bet they were amazing in person!

thanks for sharing...:)

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

wow dear! these fireworks are stuning! here is hot but it won't last long as rain is approching and the autumn is coming..:-D but I'm happy anyway!
I have you..kisses!

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

Kate / Kajal said...

Hi, finally my comment is going thru, stunning pictures as usual, its very difficult to shoot fireworks that well. Keep it up girl ...
n pls tell me the name of this song !

sharilyn said...

Stardust, please see my post for Sept 8, as you were one of my award recipients!! (the "I love your blog" award) you can add the icon to your awards if you want and can pass it on to your favorites!! :) have a great day! ~sharilyn

Stardust said...

SAHM, thanks for dropping by. Umm... I'm most ashamed to tell you that I'm doing NOTHING at home. (**) I wish I can make myself useful! Hahahahah...

Sharilyn, it's a sunset, before the show started. I would love to watch fireworks in States one day! =D Thank you so much for the award. Love your blog too. Hugs.

Silvia, I like it hot! I like autumn too. I like it most when you're happy! =D


Kate, glad that you've received my mail. I guess some songs are meant to be in love with, forever! ;)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Wat wunderful fotoes!!!