27 June 2008

Handmade mugs and plates

The mugs and plates made in May were ready for collection, on the day just before the Bear had to leave for his business trip! =D

Every single work is intact and whole. Experienced potters would know well that potteries are liable to crack or break due to various factors, so our attempts so far are considered truly fortunate indeed. =)

The Bear made a new mug, a small plate and a dish with a leaf-like motif. He's delighted with the produce but a tad dissatisfied with his mug, cos it didn't end up the shape he desired.


Mine turn out exactly how I wanted them, I can now load lots of cookies beside my cup of favourite tea. =D The bee planted on the handle is perfect, no one would have recognized its identity without me revealing. LOL!!

I'm not too pleased with my plate in a way cos the curvy finish is obviously unbalanced. The Bear insisted that this is the very evident of it being handmade, and so I dismissed the flaw a little. We still love every single piece of work nevertheless.

Of one thing I am sure, the Lord my Potter, has fashioned me carefully by His hands with loving intent. Unlike secular men, He finds no fault in every beloved creation that has allowed Him to mould and make.


It's Friday here, I'll have a quiet weekend though. Still trying hard to decide whether I should drive out for ballet lesson tomorrow, it'll be really scary if I drive myself into trouble!

Have a splendid weekend now!!


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh wow.... these are fantastic... you are all so creative and talented. I love the little bee on the handle, what a delight to see such little details. Such beautiful creations...

Thank you again for your support and your advice and encouragment.
You are my beacon of light in my dark world... thank you so much, my friend.
Hugs and smooches to you!

umekotyan said...

星空のもと、訪問してきました、ume tyanです。


from loved ume tyan

bp said...

These are gorgeous, every single piece that you and the Bear have so carefully crafted and put so much thought into! Well done!!! If I hadn't mentioned it before, I really think the bee is such a nice touch =)

And as another bear, the Pooh may say -- don't worry, "bee" happy... Stardust, you have a splendid weekend now. God's protection be on you wherever you go, whatever you do!

Piggy said...

I always want to learn pottery and seeing your creations now, it makes me want to take up the lesson right away!

Love the leaf-shaped plate and the cups look perfect! ;-)

Stardust said...

Michele, thanks for dropping by despite being busy. I appreciate you. =) So, thank you!

ウメちゃん、見てくれてありがとう! これからも宜しくね!

BP, thank you! The bee is pleased. =P

Piggy, I'm sure you can produce great ones too!