17 June 2008

A garden walk on Father's day

Hula, hoping things are going fine for all, though it hasn't been too peaceful in Japan for the past 2 weeks. First, an insane ' street killing ' took place at a notable region of Tokyo. A young man armed with knife took away 7 innocent lives in mere 10 minutes. Then, just a couple of days ago, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occured in a neighbouring prefecture. It was with such sadness to see bodies of perished fathers being dug out near Father's day...

I'm quite lost at words this moment, and once again reminded of vulnerabilities in life. Rather than dwelling on unfounded answers for endless questions, I've decided to look for good truths that lie around us. Seize the day, give time and cherish our loved ones.

We spent an afternoon with our in-laws to celebrate Father's day, and took them to a garden well known. My father-in-law who has an avid affection for flowers, takes pride in his gorgeous garden, and home-grown vegetables. Still, he never gets enough of blooms and always enthusiastic about flowers he fails to grow. The garden of various blooms pleased him a plenty.

Here's sharing some pictures we've taken from the walk. Help yourself with your favourite. =)













hasn't been blogging for quite a while and her mind is clogged! It's all Japanese that I can think of now and I can hardly write in English. Just give me some time to bring myself back. =P


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Such pretty flowers and I cannot choose just one. I must have them all! =)
You are so fortunate to have such loveliness surrounding you!

Take as much time as you need, my friend, life is topsy turvy for me as well. I have so much "studying" to do ... I feel I am back in school!
Big big hug to you and I hope you all stay safe.

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust, such beautiful images! such vivid colours! they brighten up my day, and i'm sure they will chase the blues away.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My honey! I'm happy that you are feeling good and nothing bad happended to you lately..you're right japan passed a bad couple of weeks..but fortunately now is over!
thanks for these gorgeous photos, but most of all thank for being you and the fantastic person you are.
A big kiss darling

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of all those lovely flowers!!

Anonymous said...

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Ellena said...

Welcome back Stardust, missed your post so much especially with those lovely pictures which really brighten up my days. Like you mentioned there are so many things happen in Japan lately and I am pretty worry about you due to the Earthquake..... It's glad to know that u are not affected.... :)

Piggy said...

Beautiful pics, as always!

You might want to start another blog in jap. ;-)

Oh, with regards to your qtn on walnut cookies, yes, you have to flatten the dough slightly before baking.

Bear Naked said...

Your photographs of the colourful flowers are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them and also thank you for visiting my blog.

Helena said...

WOW! This is all so beautiful! SUch good photo's.

It was sad in this town too, as it is an Army town, and 5 men from here died in Afghanistan and came home in their coffins. The eldest was just 25. It is so awful.

I wish my father lived closer to me, so that he could see my garden. I have worked a lot on it and I like it now. I love to be out in it. I want to share it and show people, especially my parents, but they are too far away.

Thank you for the lovely bright colours.

Bob says hi!

Stardust said...

Dear Michele, take all you want. You deserve them all. Take care you! Hugs.

Hi STST, indeed, flowers make my day somehow! =D

Hi Silvia, I thank you for who you are too!

Hi SAHM, I thank you for your good sharing too!

Kanmani, you are a mystery.

Dear Ellena, thanks for your concern, I appreciate it. =)

Hi Piggy, thanks for clarifying my doubt! A blog in Jap? I can barely keep my God-Blessed Box alive. =P

Hi Bear Naked, you're welcomed. =)

Hi Helena, I'm sad to hear about the young soldiers. Men fight too much for no good reason. =( I'm sure your folks are proud of your garden. They'll be a day they admire your effort, so keep up the good work!! Ah Bob! Here goes a cuddle.

BumbleVee said...

Beautiful peony.... looks like the same colour as mine.... they photograph so well don't they......