10 June 2008

Tempted to have the last...

Although Nagano isn't all plains, farms and devoid of modern facilities, its features are a far cry from what bustling Tokyo offers.

Personally, I don't really enjoy Tokyo due to an ' unexplainable unease '. Rough crowds rushing to God-knows-where with most carrying a stress-wrenched face. I often feel that I'm surrounded with offended people who are ready to snap anytime, and I always move with caution especially at night. That's -1.

For the positive face it has, Tokyo spoils you for anything you can derive from head to toe, everything unmistakenly foremost in style or version. I'll give it a 2. The catch is : go search for your target in the wild maze, and that's -1 again.

Sweets hunting is nice, I'm overwhelmed by the variety but then again, it's a pain to choose from so many and it's impossible to have them all, not forgetting excellent ones I hate to miss.

There's one confectionary in Shinjuku that I will never fail to drop by for its promised bakes. The picture shown above is the last packet of what's left from the recent purchase, so I share now before we relish it tonight. Sob... If you can't resist ridiculously crispy, buttery-fragrant bake complete with refined sweetness, this is one awesome purchase that you'll not regret joining the tedious line. Forget it if you're thinking about returning later when the queue subsides. From my observation, the queue persists all day long, and this is the only confectionary that I've known to have a queue.

Location : Food & tidbits basement of Keio shopping center. Nearest station : Keio Shinjuku station, JR Shinjuku station, Odakyu line Shinjuku station. The stall is located at a corner of the floor, not very conspicuous until you've realized how awful the queue is. Well, who knows, you might patronize on a lucky day!

See the confectionary's website for its products. The stall in Shinjuku however, offers only limited dry bakes, with different flavours at periodic times. The basic plain bake shown in picture is one of the reknown goods. It is one heavenly product I'll bring back to Nagano everytime.

Stardust has recovered from recent discomfort, but is going slow again, oops. Trying to perform a recovery for the notebook and busy transferring files and etc. Hopefully, I'll make a comeback by end of the week. Meanwhile, I'll still be seeing you. =)

P/S : Maybe I should have the last pack of goodie, since I was the one queuing for it, and now performing the backup for our notebooks?


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My darling!! :-D I can understand perfectly your opinio on tokio (but it could be another city) Florence is a city but really small. Tha's why I find myself great here.
From time to time is anyway a pleasure sinking in that people flood just for one day isn't it?
Thanks for everything and I send you an enormous kiss!

bp said...

Yes, treat yourself to that must-be-v-yummy snack!

Hugs for you, glad to hear you're feeling better! You have a great week now!

Piggy said...

I plan to check out as many pastry shops as possible for the upcoming trip, and you've just provide another one to add on to my must-visit list. :-D

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I think you should have it! =)
Afterall that you have gone through, you so deserve it!
Yes, backing up notebooks is a big big job and requires much energy!
Big hug for you, my friend. Please take care.

stay-at-home mum said...

I love tokyo for its supermarts, food and the latest in everything!!! I hate the crowds and the prices. I cant have everything, I guess!

Stardust said...

Hey Silva, you're right. I really should appreciate the crowd once in a while.

Thank you bp, hugs to you too.

Hey Piggy, I really hope that it doesn't disappoint you. I'll be looking forward to your sharing of discoveries!

Dear Michele, thank you and I got that last pack, all to myself. I just know that you'd be on my side. =P

Hi SAHM, oh yes, they have great supermarkets, with a good price to pay too. Hahahaha...

Piggy said...

I was crazy enough to queue for the cookies and I'm glad that I did, it's awesome! Even though we have the same cookies here in SG, but this one tastes much much better!

I was overwhelmed by the variety of pastries in Tokyo... everything looks so nice!! I had cakes in my hotel room almost every night. ;-)

Oh, yes, I did notice the stressful (or unfriendly?) look of tokyo people too. ;-)

Stardust said...

Hi Piggy, I so glad that you like it too. Phew. Will feel sorry if you've queued only to be disappointed. Believe your cakey ventures, I think I heard your happy oink. =D