03 March 2008

Awesome Art of Winter

Time flies, winter is slipping away. Signs of Spring are revealing these days. The sun feels warmer, and the cold breeze less biting. I've found insects appearing outdoors. They may have been hatched with the slightest warmth that invaded during the midst of fading winter.

I hardly took any pictures this winter, but I decided not to miss capturing its face before we bid goodbye. Compared to previous winters, the present one is not too harsh. Lesser snowfall, and thus leaving a rather mild trace behind. I've looked around for frozen trees or other natural phenomenon but it was quite unfruitful.

Nevertheless, one favourite secret place that my husband and I share, never fails to disappoint us throughout the year.


These rare huge ice rocks are found in the valley of deep mountainous area. We discovered them years ago when visiting a hot spring just beside them. They stand at least 3m tall, and probably 5 men to encircle the rock shown in the picture above.

The surrounding nature is soothing. A gentle stream flows between these ice rocks. Sometimes, mountain deers pass by and stop with a curious look.

So far, none has managed to explain how these rocks happen. The elements that have contributed to this unique creation, are probably snow, stream water, limited sunlight, and minerals of the hot spring. It remains a mystery unresolved. Well, Art is best left unexplained, and marvelled at.

There were plenty of rocks of different shapes but the snow level was higher than my kneecap and proved too dangerous to move around in order to get close enough to them. As they slowly melt away with the arrival of Spring, they take put on a new shape totally. We plan to visit again later when snow melts away. I shall share more pictures of this lovely place again in Spring.

GOD always wields His great artistry with nature.


Seen This Scene That said...

There are many wonderful creations of nature that cannot be fully explained at times. The least we can do is to appreciate them and share it with others if possible, before climate change takes away more lovely things from us.

Looking forward to updates on these great rocks!

bp said...

Hi there, happened on your blog, and love these cool pictures you took of the Master Craftsman at His natural best!

I'm also a S'porean in a home away from home and know what you about missing everyone and everything back home. You enjoy the rest of winter now! We've had some wonky weather on our end, but overall, it hasn't been too harsh, and I'm thankful for that also! =)

Helene said...

Your picture looks so great. Wow! Thanks for sharing with us.

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh my, this is amazing. It's so beautiful and I love what you have done to your blog. It's so pretty here and I just want to stay here forever!! The pictures here are very nice... I am glad that you can post your beautiful work in such a splendid way for everyone to see!!
Have a good week!

Ellena said...

Wow... the first picture of this post look amazing... I had nv seen such a view b4. And these picture really borden my mind of wat God had create.... Thanks for sharing... :P

Jade said...

One word to describe God's work...Awesome!