26 March 2008

Ballet is tough, tough, TOUGH!

I've loved ballet ever since I was a child.

Ballerinas have never failed to touch me with their fascinating moves. I adore the simple elegance, and indescibable aura that ballet dancers possess.

I've begun ballet lessons for adults since last year, and I enjoyed them tremendously. Ballet involves a lot of stretching, body posture aligning and discipline. My instructor was a professional ballet dancer who is now the head of the school, a perfectly strict but lovely lady.

Everything changed when my instructor decided to pull me over to the advanced class, where I had to practise with seniors who have been around for years. I felt flattered in the begining, and was all ready for the challenge. Little I knew what was awaiting me!

PULL that body straight! WORK on those toes! WATCH your hands gesture, DROP those shoulders, STRAIGHTEN those legs, WHERE'S your proper feet position, I want to see perfect lines here, TIGHTEN your muscles, JUMP and let your body spring! STRETTTTTCCHHHH!!!! PUUUUULLLLLL!!!!! My instructor railed across the studio on the 20 of us.

The lessons feel more like a bootcamp training now, but I think I'm settling down after 3 runs. Though my flexible body has helped me a lot, I have an undeniable problem. After couching freely for all my lifetime, I've made myself an awful hunchback, which is unacceptable in ballet. My instructor glared at me, and I got to pull myself up and watch my back all the time to make a convincingly straight posture. I really wish I could brace myself with a guard or something to help adjust my back. GRRRGHHH...

As every ballet dancer claims, no dancer could lead an easy way out on stage, and every dancer carries a lifelong injury. Every disciplined dancer puts in a lifetime of effort, sweat and blood. I'm begining to see ballet dancers with a new found admiration everytime my instructor points out my faults. The true proffessionals must have undergone a lot of hardship for mere minutes of glamour on stage...

It may be tough, but I'm enjoying every minute of the ballet lesson. =)


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I applaud you for sticking through it. I know it must be tough however if you feel it is too much don't ever feel you are less of a person because you cannot finish or must slow down...

I am happy that you have found your happy place in ballet, we all need that and with your darling husband gone a lot, it is something you need to fill those moments.

Take care, my friend.

Jade said...

Hi Stardust,

Persevere on! U can do it! =) I can comprehend what you are going through..."Maintain your Poise, no Slouching, open up those shoulders, tuck in those muscles"... haha been through it too. Nevertheless ballet is a good form of training to help us, ladies to keep our poise and grace.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mummy did ballet wen she waz a littol gerl. Granny still haz her shooz.

bp said...

Wow, you go gal! I can only imagine how much work it is, the concentration, and the strain! Keep at it, glad you're enjoying yourself, and you're doing great I'm sure! =)

See Me said...

Keep enjoying your passionate pursuits!

Take care, stay happy.

Kate / Kajal said...

Vow ...u must be really talented. I can barely stand on my toes. That stuff must be really difficult. Would love to see a pic of u in ur tu tu :)

Stardust said...

Hello Michele,

Thank you for your encouragement! I shall take care during practise. =) I've found a happy place in your blog too. ;)

Hello Jade!
So we've been in the same ' shoes '! But don't you agree that it's a lot of fun? I LOVE IT! =D

Hullo Bob,
Granny is so affectionate, isn't she? Is mummy making Dilly shoes then?

Hi bp,
Thank you so much for dropping in, and offering the encouragement!

Hi See me,
See that you're pursuing yours too around Sg, enjoy!

Hi Kate/Kajal,
I'm not talented as you've imagined. Ha! =P I'm a way far off from a professional dancer!!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Keep going on with your dream.
You are really fantastic for finding enough time to cuddle youself doing the thing you like most! I so envy you 'cause I'd love to partecipate to a cooking course but when? From 2.00 to 3.00 in the morning? Noooo..
You rock girl!