21 March 2008

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.

Unlike other countries inhabited by large number of Christians, Good Friday is not a public holiday in Japan, and of course, not a day to be specially remembered.

How do you feel about Good Friday?

Being a Christian, the relativity of the Lord's presence is what touches me most in my life. There were tough times nevertheless, but I couldn't have imagined going through them without Jesus. The hour that I first believed, I thought I was a different person born anew! What wonder it is, that the Lord still amazes me, and still working through my life in unexplainable ways. I am still awed by the power of His hand.

It is hard to understand why Jesus chose to pay the debt for the sinners, but I am all consumed by His Love...

I am not trying to push this to anybody... On this day, whether you have or may not have a thankful heart toward Jesus, I pray that the love of God, peace and joy come and reside in your heart. Blessed Good Friday.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo Stardust!

Daddy haz jus got bak from Cherch. Like yu sed, he haz today off werk. He haz Monday off too. He is a teecher so iz pleesd to be away from the kiddies for 4 days in a row! HEHEHE! Me an Daddy yewzerly go to Cherch, Mummy an Dilly don't go. I dident go today cos I'm helpin Mummy bake.

I yewzerly like Eester cos it's spring but it issent spring this yeer yet. Eester is erly an it is cold an windy today.

Thank yu for wat yu sed abowt my blog. I wud be onnerd if yu linkt to it!!!! I'm sorry the emayle dident werk.

Nose hugs!!!

Bob T Bear


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post...Hope you had wonderful Easter celebrations!

I am a bit too busy with my work now, which will continue, so couldn't visit your blog for sometime...anyway, I will check your other posts later whenever I will get the break.

bp said...

Like you, I'm awed by the power of His hand, too =), and praise God that because Jesus lives, so can we!!!

Blessed Easter to you and yours, Stardust!

Great job on your new layout, I love it! And the songs playing in the background... just the kind of music my hubby likes, and me, too! Did you get it from a single source/link -- if so, may I know where? Thanks!

Stardust said...

Thank you all, God bless...=)