29 February 2008

Three-Tier Pork Cutlet ( A surprizingly pleasant mistake! )

OK, I am guilty about this. I refrain from fried food as much as possible, but my overworked husband has been so pressurized these days, I thought making his favourite food should make him feel better. I shall share other non-fried recipes another day.

This invention of mine is actually a result of failed attempt of another recipe. Laughs ;P The rolling portion did not work out well so I decided to pile everything together. Ha ha ... My husband likes it so much that he calls it ' the mistake divine '. Under the crispy crust, oozes melting onion-flavoured cheeze with mushroom and a tinge of Perilla leaves or seaweed. You may like to arrange it anew in your choice. Check out the recipe!

Ingredients ( Makes one cutlet )
3 slices of pork, thickness of ham slice
thin slices of onion ( around1 mm thickness )
1 mushroom, sliced thin ( around 2mm thickness )

1 piece of cheeze
2 Perilla leaves ( Or use 2 pieces of seaweed for Japanese style )
1 egg white
Bread crumbs

  • Lightly salt and pepper the pork slices.
  • Spread thin slices of onion across a piece of pork slice, followed by the mushroom slices. Tear cheeze into 2 and spread across. See pictures below for details.

  • Now, place another slice of pork on top of the stack, with the fats portion facing yourself. See picture below. I think this avoids one-sided fats concentration.
  • Fold Perilla leaves into half, spread the 2 folded leaves across. Place the last piece of pork slice across with fats facing away from you and it's done. Cutlet below is finished with seaweed.

  • Fasten with toothpicks if you feel that you can't handle the cutlet well.
  • Dip in egg white, attach bread crumbs.
  • Fry at medium heat until bread crumbs turn into delicious brown.

Frying Tip : If you are using low level of oil, it's better to land the cutlet with cheeze portion facing top, turn it later to fry the reverse. Cheeze tends to ooze out a little after frying, just be careful.

I've made 2 cutlets, one with Perilla leaves, another with seaweed within. My husband loves them both. You may wish to replace with other leaves that carry a unique flavour. It may be a small cutlet, but bear in mind you are consuming 3 slices of pork with that.

A healthy note : Fried food is not a very healthy choice. My family consumes fried food once in a fortnight, if not; longer. Take lots of vegetables and fruit if you must have fried stuff. I shall share some healthier options in days to come. Meanwhile, hope you'd enjoy this humble recipe!


Piggy said...

oh, i don't like fried food as well.. I think there's only one post on fried food in my blog.

u know what.. when i saw the pic of your fried pork cutlet... my jaws drop! it looks soooooooo yummy!! thanks for the step-by-step instruction too... !

what's perilla leaves? is it something that's only available in japan? how does it taste like?

btw, i always enjoy the music attached in your blog... we have the same taste in music.. heehee...

Stardust said...

Hi Piggy,

My humble recipe can nowhere be compared to your great dishes! =P

I first tried Perilla in Japan, don't think I've seen them in Sg. Perhaps you can try supermarkets in Takashimaya and Scotts Isetan. I was thinking Perilla tastes like mint WITHOUT the toothpaste chill! And true enough, the encyclopedia gives same explanation.


I think Perilla is available in other parts of the world too. I've seen them in western cookbooks.

So glad that you like the music. Hope that it makes your day right =)

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Good morning dearling!
Actually I adore fried food but I try not to eat too many fried things because of the health!
This recipe is incredibly yummy!!!
I'll try it..do you think I can take out mushrooms and put other kind of vegetables?
It really a great idea and as you know many great ideas came from a mistake!

Stardust said...

Hey Silvia,

Oh yes, surely you can replace mushroom with other stuff which you prefer, do it your special way! Don't forget to share your result, honey! Aren't mistakes pretty good sometimes? ;)