10 January 2008

Not alone in the valley

Most Christians would know what ' Our Daily Bread ' is. ' My Daily Bread ' is a personal devotion, thoughts about my faith in Christ, and a journal of my walk with the Lord. Sorry folks, if I can't write ' daily ' ( Smile ). Nevertheless, God bless...

The ' fertilizer ' that helps us grow is in those valleys, not on the mountain tops.

2008 did not start off well for me, as something unpleasant has happened very undesirably. The problem snowballed into an ugly situation, and threw me into total confusion. A friend who knew too well my predictament, took time to comfort me. He shared something he received from another friend, and it really spoke to my heart:

We all find ourselves in the valley of despair sometimes. It may sometimes seem that we are forever worrying, suffering pain, and facing challenges. But we must try to remember that the fertilizer that helps us "grow" is in those valleys, not on the mountain tops.

During the times that we feel scared and confused, we will always end up wiser and we will grow more from the experiences. We will understand more about people and life, become more sensitive, and we'll be able to enjoy life more after we go through the hard times.

We have to experience sadness so that we may better measure joy. Life has a way of balancing the sorrow with the joy, the disappointments with the hope, and the emptiness with the meaning.

Oh yes, I should also remember too that though I may be walking through the valley, I am not alone. Jesus is holding my hand along the way and guiding me, showing me also important lessons 'through the valley'

Another sister who also ' walks through the valley ', encouraged me to be strong in the Lord, and reminded me of something also important : forgiveness.
It is painful and if you ask me, I do not know, even how to look into the eye of party that decides to hurt me so without hesitancy. I only wish to be left alone and be spared. Yet I know that it is the Lord's desire that I first resolve this issue within my heart. Forgiveness...

It may be another ' walk through the valley ', but I am thankful that I need not walk alone to face everything by myself, for the Lord is always by my side. Thank you also Father, for sending my dear friends to me during needy times. Please give me the strength and wisdom to deal with things that are necessary to walk out of the valley. Amen.

Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God. Psalm 42:11

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Ellena said...

Don't worry... my dear sister in Christ...you are doing very well and I am sure Our Lord is proud of you too..... Just remember you are NOT alone in the Valley.......The Lord is always there with you..... :)