26 April 2008

Scented rain on a Saturday morning

Does it bother you when it rains?

It used to in the past, as I didn't enjoy being drenched. Not until when a good friend shared his views with me that changed my mind forever.

He said, ' It's a blessing to have rain. The earth is nourished with the help of rain. Every living thing depends on rain : plants, animals, us. How would it be if the earth runs dry? '

He was right. I've learnt to be thankful about this already-known-but-least-grasped-fact from then on. So long that it does not bring along natural disaster, we need rain indeed.


It was raining this morning, and my dearie offered to send me to the ballet class as usual. There on the way we passed by these rows of peach trees, and they were flowering in such lovely pink.

The gentle rain did not conceal the sweet scent from the flowers of peach trees. =) Joy overflowed when I heard the birds sing... were they larks? I wasn't sure, but I simply love singing of birds! A nearby stream was rushing in quick naughty waters, it was such an indescribable collaboration. The entire scene was perfect, as if prepared especially just for the 2 of us!

I couldn't explain why... I felt an immense joy and bliss though we were standing in the drizzle! God has made everything so beautiful!! We just have to understand His ways with nature and accept them, so that we may relish the joy of embracing everything blamelessly. It's just that simple. =)

I'm thankful for this day that reminds me of God's awesome works, and a good friend. =) Not forgetting, the special moment with my husband in this sweetly scented rain.

Here's dedicating B.J. Thomas's ' Raindrops keep falling on my head ' to you. I hope that you'd find your joy even on days that are less than perfect and not so sunny. God bless...


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

He knows exactly what and when do something so we just need to wait for the result.
Stunning photos darling. I can smell the scent of those wonderful flowers from here.
I send you a biggggg hug and a enormous kiss honey!

bp said...

The rain's like showers of blessings, right? Rain means flowers, more sweet blooms to come... yay!

I like your reminder in the closing, for us to find joy, (peace, and hope, too!) even on less perfect days. Oh, and know what? when I miss those I love and care, I thank the good Lord not just for them, but faraway friends such as you that He's brought my way, with encouraging thoughts and words, and lovely pictures to share! =)

Have a blessed weekend, too, Stardust!

Kate / Kajal said...

i absolutely love the rain. As i write its pouring outside ...in the middle of a crazy summer, and i cant tell you how happy i am right now.
Gorgeous photographs.

Seen This Scene That said...

Yes, rain bothers me especially when I'm outdoors and unprepared. But showers of blessings can be enjoyable too as they remind me of childhood days playing in the rain...

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love the rain as long as it is a warm rain. I love the smell after it is done and it smell so fresh and clean... as if it washed the air. So nice.

Such pretty pinks... I envy your part of the world.... it is a magical world.

I hope you are doing well.

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,
Exactly, Silvia. He knows... =) Hugs to you too!

Dear bp,
You've got the right word, ' showers of blessing '. I wish I could stand in that shower forever! Know what I mean when I always say that I'm blessed by your site. =)

Hello Kate,
Thanks for dropping by. The rain on your side sounds cooling!

Hi Seen This Scene That,
Oh yah, childhood memories too. Hope that you're always prepared before it rains.

Dear Michele,
I lOVE the smell too! It's like everything washed clean and new. Thanks for all your caring...