15 April 2008

Asparagus Talk

Asparagus is probably the hottest vege star here, during Spring, and there are even talk shows about it! Before I forget, I thought I had better share some information from those shows I've watched.

Do you know?

Asparagus is a highly nuitritional vegetable, and consumption with high-protein food like meat and egg promotes growth and health.

For certain dishes, this vegetable is boiled during cooking, but it is said that boiling causes the nuitrients to escape into the boiling water. Unless the water used for boiling is being consumed, this nuitrient loss is obviously a waste. Gee... I didn't know that.

The best way to cook Asparagus is frying with oil. Oil promotes the function of nuitrients.

Now, about choosing the most delicious asparagus you can find. Look at the picture above, see the triangular portion? The rule is to look for those with equilateral triangles, not elongated or tall triangles. The asparagus in the picture above is a sample of a good one. I hope that the diagram drawn within the picture helps.
Enjoy your asparagus!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Hey I've never known about the triangle! Thanks a lot so now it won't be a lottery anymore!
I made pasta yesterday with asparagus..I really adore them!
Great photos!
Thank you for the tip!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I sooooo love asparagus and I thank you for the tips on choosing asparagus. This will help for when shopping for this yummy vegetable. Oh you are loaded with great information!

stay-at-home mum said...

Thanks for sharing how to choose asparagus. never knew how to choose, always look for fresher green colour!!

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,
No prob! I learn much from your blog too. Asparagus with pasta sounds YUM!

Hi Michele,
Oh I love asparagus just as much! You have much more better information at your place!

Hi Stay at home mum,
Hee, I never knew that too. So, I really thought of sharing when I got to know this.

bp said...

Thanks for the tip! Never knew that, and last time when I was "brand new" to cooking, my mom-in-law would insist that even for baby asparagus, that the triangles be "shaved" off! (Erm, if the stem is not chunky, I normally still just leave the triangles alone... ssshh, but don't let her know that... hehe!).

I also like asparagus stir-fried best! =)

Stardust said...

Hi bp,

Ok, my lips are sealed. Shh... =P

didally said...

I didn't know that! And a talkshow just on asparagus is interesting. I remember watching a japanese talkshow in Bangkok hotel just on house rental.