24 April 2008

When the sky is so blue...

My hubby told me that the weather could be very unpredicatable during Spring. True enough, the sky has been heavily veiled by tones of grey for almost 3 weeks! Then came this day when Mr. Sun decided to appear and paint the whole sky blue. =)

I was talking to dad the other day on a long distance call, he asked about my health and the climate. I admited that it was still cold especially on days without the sun, and he told me something like Singapore hasn't been sunny too for several days. He wondered where those blue sky days had gone, that he often saw when he was still as a child. He claimed that he has not seen any sky blue enough for so long... Or was he just plain busy to even catch a glimpse of the occassional blue sky...

On this sunny day, when I looked up and gazed upon the deep blue, I was wondering if this was what dad used to see during his younger days... How nice it would be if he could join me for a walk at this moment...

Is there anyone that you think of, when the sky is so blue...

Oh, I'm sorry about bringing in such blue thoughts... I guess I still miss my family afterall. Everytime when I enjoy something in Japan, I always thought of how marvellous it would be if my family in Singapore could share a moment of same bliss with me...

Alright, let's walk...


Nobody should pout on a day like this! Even the trees looked smiley! =D We enjoyed a quiet walk along this road and admired the blossoms carefully. There were just 2 of us and the road felt like it was ours. HAHAHAH!!!!

As you can see, these trees are round, plump, growing sideways and upright, unlike those willow-like Sakura trees that I've mentioned in the earlier post. I really like these trees much better! =D Oh but of course, nothing against the willow-like ones. =)))

For those growing on mountains, hills or unreachable grounds, they are growing wild! No, it wasn't me. The wind did it. =P Isn't it difficult to differentiate between the planted trees and wild ones? What do you perceive from the picture above?

This is actually a lavendar garden. See those grey bushes on the ground? Sprouts of lavendar are sneaking out from them from late July. Suddenly, it just came to me... just how NICE if Sakura, lavendar and fresh green could be staged together at the same time! Like those stars performing at MTV award show and etc, you know what I mean? My husband chided me for being ' greedy '. He said that God made nature this way so that the flowers could get their due attention in their short lifetime, without unneccessary rivalry. Flowers of different kinds bloom in periods apart, so that they can offer joy to men from spring to autumn.

He's absolutely right!! I want my salad, cold dish, main dish, fruit and dessert in the most fitting order. Not a big plate with everything tossed and mixed together!!! Ok, does this sound in anyway relevant to my hubby's theory? =P

Look! How the mountain was dotted with clumps of pink! I was lost for words at this magnificient sight until my imagination started running wild. What if those round pink fellas were bushy monsters and came running after me? Where was I supposed to run cos there were so many!! Oh no* Oh... and then my husband came pushing me at the back to make me move on. Oh, I was so glad that it was not a pink monster... =D

We treaded on, and past by these statues in the garden. Some typical Japanese Buddhist statues, but I thought the mini ones in front were cute. Now, let's have a quiz. Do you notice anything special about these statues? Take your time to find out before you scroll down for answer.

I say, no cheating...

GOT IT? This cheeky fella was facing the sidewalk to greet the visitors. I couldn't stop laughing when I noticed it! Oh but I doubt many could see it cos most people would have been so engulfed by the pretty scenery all around!

Just see how pretty they are even if they are wild.

I really enjoyed this walk with colors of blue, white, pink, yellow and green. Don't you agree that God is such a magnificient artist?

If only blooms take place within seconds...

And transform from a bud into flower in a blink! I miss Discovery Channel. They have those ' fastforward scenes ' that show how flowers bloom, babies hatched from eggs and etc. I've always enjoyed documentaries on nature. =)

See what my hubby meant by an ever-changing weather during Spring? This was taken an hour after we left the lavendar garden. Mr. Sun went on a strike again. He wasn't receiving his wages, you see.

If Mr. Sun was in a good mood, we would have been fortunate enough to see the alps behind those cloudy parts above the mountains.

A family taking pictures after their picnic under a tree. I hope they had a good time like us, with the earlier sunshine. =)

What a contrast. Which do you prefer, white or pink?

A forest of Sakura trees. ' Probably, they would really turn into pink monsters if they were under a spell... ', I was giggling along the track, trying hard to avoid my hubby's suspicious darts.

Ok, these were enormous, strong... they had countless extending arms and...

They've ruthlessly encircled the whole hill!!! I could run but I couldn't hide!!! And I went giddy when I realized the height and then... my husband asked me for a different lens to take this picture. =P

It was getting cold and dark when we called it a day, but we were satisfied. I was still thinking about those pink monsters and probably giggled much in between, cos my husband kept on checking my looks. I know that he prefers a silly me rather than the gloomy side that appears whenever my mind travels back to Singapore. I certainly hope that one day, my family would take time to join me for such a fine season in Japan.
I hope that you've enjoyed the walk too, and maybe, you'd be tickled by the ' pink monster ' wild thoughts also. =D


campo di fragole said...

Hi Stardust! Thanks so much for the visit and the kind words.
These pics today are just marvellous! Incredible the sky with those clauds.... you know sometimes I feel blu too especially when I think about my family (they are in Italy)... I see them once a year and if I am lucky twice... Time goes very fast sometimes and I notice the years pass quickly leaving space only to the many childhood memories I have...
A big hug!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

It's such a beautiful area you live in. I would so much love to take a walk there... more than anything in the world. So I will take a walk with your photos... so pretty. I love the pink blossoms the best... thanks so much for the photos. They do make me feel happy!
Hope your week is going well.
PS- Thanks so much for your encouragement ... it means so much to me.

Ladybird said...

I really like your pictures...and those trees are simply breathtaking..
by the way what camera do you use?

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Honey!! sorry if i'm late today but I had problems opening your blog this morning so I've waited till this evening! Stunning phots and those flowered trees are amazing. I've taken a good look to the statues and I really haven't realised that one of them has faces the visitors :-P
You hubby is right even in Italy the weather is not so good.
I send you a big hug and an enormous kiss darling and thank for being you! god bless you

stay-at-home mum said...

What beautiful photos. Never mind what the weather is like or the scenery,we will always have this longing for home. Home is where the heart and family is...for me at least.
Sorry about my blog closure, but, who knows, a new one may be up!! My fingers are aleady itching!

Piggy said...

how nice it is to go for a walk with flowers blooming everywhere... envy, envy...! ;-)

Ellena said...

Wow...these pictures really brighten up our days in this stress and hetic city. I really envy u with all those season weather that you can encouter and be able to see and take all these wonderful sence create by God. It's really so wonderful to lay under the tree and enjoy the breeze.....

bp said...

Thanks for these awesome shots! Your running (or should I say "walking";p) commentary is so fitting... to go along with them.

Can't agree more with you about God the magnificent artist, whose creativity knows no limits! And I know too, what you mean about how our thoughts will drift to our loved ones back home. You are in their thoughts all the time, I'm sure, as much as they always are in yours! =)

Seen This Scene That said...

Impressive flowers, cute statues and a very heartfelt post. I enjoy reading about them very much.

Stardust said...

Hello Daniela,
I think we share the same feelings... Glad for you that you get to see your family at least once a year. Let's cherish our loved ones dearly. =)

Dear Michele,
Thanks for dropping by despite being busy. Hoping that all's well with you. Glad that you like the pink blossoms.

Hi Ladybird,
Seriously, I like your pictures even more! Anyway, I'm using a Nikon digital SLR that I can't handle well actually. I'm more used to my old good Canon pal of 15 years, but sadly, it isn't digital. =(

Hi Silvia,
Thanks for participating in the game. ;) Sorry to hear that Italy's sky is having swings too, hope that it turns bright and sunny for you soon!

Thanks for dropping by, nice to have you. I'll be anticipating your new venture then. C'mon, let me know it soon!

Hi Piggy,
It's nice for countries with Spring indeed. I guess it's a reward to us who've endured bitter winter for 3 awful months and more... =) I believe everywhere in the world has a fair share of goodness in life. =)

Hi bp,
Well said indeed about God being the magnificient artist!! Nothing compares to His creativity and artistry. So much so, maybe we can never fathom enough! Ascribe greatness to Him. =)

Hi Ellena,
You are right, dear. Everytime I gaze upon the wondrous nature, nothing can describe the appreciation I have of God and His awesome hand. Let's take time to ' notice ' His great works, wherever we are. =)

Stardust said...

Hello Scene This Scene That,

Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad that you found the statues cute.