28 February 2008

Lovestory of Orchids and Singapore Botanic Gardens

I have never loved Orchids when I was in Singapore. Orchid has been the representative flower of Singapore and they are such a commonplace everywhere, but they were just no more than ordinary to me then.

It was until when I started staying in Japan, and I was struggling hard to get past the first winter. One cold morning in March, when I was still agonizing over the unbearable freeze, something caught the corner of my eye...

It was Orchids, and they were fully bloomed! The luxurious colors were such a sight in the cold deadly winter, I thought I have not seen life like this for so many unbearable months. They looked indescribably beautiful in the golden ray of sunlight. Warm tears immediately welled my eyes, I could hear them telling me ' Hang on just a little more. Spring is coming... '

From then, my love for Orchids began. And I don't think that this new found love will ever cease.

The whole thing began officially when I started owning my Orchid plants. My husband fell in love with Orchids too, as he watched them grow. My lovely Orchid plants, Phal Kun and Ran Ran have brought us so much joy. It's queer how flowers can bring such gentle soothing effect, just by being themselves. Phal Kun and Ran Ran are like the fellow Singaporeans staying with me under the same roof, and sometimes they make me forget where I am. The period from first bloom to end of flower, is about 10 weeks, so it is really quite a delightful span of time compared to other plants.

During our CNY holiday, my husband and I visited the Singapore Botanic Garden. There is a special ' Orchid Garden ' within, and we took the chance to find out different variety of Orchids. It is my pleasure to share with you some of the pictures we have taken.

There were several species of Orchids in all different colors, shapes and sizes. Some were as huge as my palm while some were tiny, like the size of a thumb.
The beauty of Orchids can hardly be captured by my poor camera skills, but I can tell you, they are nonetheless uncomparably beautiful in their own way.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Oh my, this is truly a wonderful post. I did not know the colors of orchids were so many! It is so magical!! Your camera skills are not poor but very good. Beautiful post.

Stardust said...

Dear Michele,
Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like it. I think I still have a lot to work on my camera. Laughs.

Dee said...

Thank you fro your comment on my blog. My situation isn't so rough, the Lord has taken care of me for the past five years...well, really all my life, but He's really drawn me close since my husband left. Anyway, things will look up, I know my Lord is able to do more than I ask, and someday my marriage will be restored for His glory. I just wanted to thank you again for the post.
I love this post of yours! These orchids are amazing!! I think they are such lovely complex flowers, true creations.
Dee Harker

Stardust said...

Thank you Dee!

God is an awesome Creator of all things. =)

Seen This Scene That said...

Beautiful orchids and good picture-taking! I'm impressed there's hidden gems that I haven't noticed when I was at the Botanic Gardens.

Stardust said...

Hi Seen this scene that,

Hope that you'll discover more hidden gems next time. =) Many Singaporeans may have forgotten the Botanic Gardens, but my husband was very impressed with it.

Jade said...

Great photography skills! Well I guess in life, we wouldn't know what we are missing till we lose it in life.