05 April 2008

Porky Roll with Spring Green

With Spring's arrival, wider variety of vegetables are showing up in the market, at a less expensive price too. I'm not sure about other seasonal countries, but vegetables sold here during winter can be 3-folds more expensive than summer time! This is largely due to agriculture difficulty, and raising vegetables in conservatory environment makes the produce a little costly.
Asparagus is one of such dear vegetables, and it is the best season to enjoy them now. In Japan, Asparagus is called a ' Spring-time vegetable ', together with bamboo shoots, special cauliflower and etc. The simple Pork Roll that I'm sharing today, wraps asparagus and other ingredients to create a colorful center, with fragrant sauteed skin outside. A very ' Spring-time ' dish, the Japanese would call it.

Recipe ( Porky Roll with Spring Green ) makes 8 rolls

Pork slice of ham's thickness : 8 slices
Asparagus : 3 sticks
Carrot : 1 stick
Cheeze : Use as prefered ( I'm using ' Baby cheeze ' bars here, not sure if it's available elsewhere )
Vegetable oil for saute : 1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper

1. Salt and pepper pork slices and put aside.
2. Cut asparagus, carrot and cheeze into strips of approximately 5 cm length, thickness of carrot and cheeze should be around that of the asparagus.
3. Place 1/2 teaspoon of salt, into water enough to boil carrot and asparagus. Upon boiling, place carrot in and boil for 30 seconds, then place asparagus in to boil. Retreive all at about 50 seconds later. Do not boil for too long. Shower boiled vegetables under running water for 2 seconds and put aside.

Wild Tips : Boiling vegetables in salted water gives vegetables a brightly colored finish. It adds a little saltish flavor to vegetables, and enhances the taste. A cold shower for boiled vegetables removes heat thus retains crunchiness.

4. Spread pork slice across, remove extra fats if prefered. Place asparagus, carrot at one end of the pork slice, then a strip of cheeze on top. Roll the slice across. Complete the rest. Rolls should not fall apart easily.
5. Heat oil in flat pan at medium fire, place rolls into pan with winded end facing down, and saute. Flip rolls to saute different sides and achieve a good looking brown. Do not cook for too long or the meat will be toughened.

Some Japanese families claim that pork dishes are a good source of ' energy replenishment '. Many families consume pork dishes especially after sports day, a great hike out, or after a strenuous day of labor.

For our home... umm... we don't practise this exactly though.

Simply, the cheezy blend of this dish, complete with Spring greens makes my husband happy like a child.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Hi! how fantastic they are! It's so "springy" let me pass the term italian mixed english ;-).
You're right, now it's a beautiful parade of colors at the market with all those veggies!
have a nice day!!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Asparagus is my favorite vegetable! I wish my darling husband loved vegetables as much as me. I eat every vegetable there is and can eat them from sun up to sun down!!!
He eats most of meat, cheeses, and some veggies of corn, carrots and potato. I do not eat meat except for fish and chicken so we often cook 2 meals everyday. He does not eat much fish... Ha... so meal times can be tricky.

I hope your weekend is going well.

stay-at-home mum said...

Hi stardust!
1st time here from bp's.
I love food, and I love visiting Japan, so looks like I will be a regular here!!

Jade said...

Slurp Slurp~! Yummy Yum! Drooling all over my office keyboard =P. Reminds me of slice beef rolled with golden straw mushrooms in teriyaki sauce. Gonna try out this recipe of yours!

bp said...

These look so Yummm!!! Can I have some, pretty please? ;p Love the green and orange colours... like spring itself in a springroll! =)

Know what you mean, asparagus is also v much a spring vegetable here... and I went and grabbed some when they hit the stores beginning of spring!

The baby Cheese must also make for nice finger food!

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,

' Italian English ' works! =) I'll truly be happy if you share more in future. Love to learn Italian from you!

Hi Michele,

Our home is tricky than most have imagined, but I think I'm having an easier time than you cos my husband eats most of what I consume. I'm the difficult one. Heheheheh...

Hi Stay-at-home mum,

Welcome though I'm not sure what I can offer you. But I hope you'd be blessed during your stay in this blog. =)

Hi Jade,

Is it teppanyaki that you've tried? Well, there are so many version for this, hope that you'd like this one too.

Hi bp,

So I guess Spring brings all the good things to everywhere fairly. =) I wanted to call this dish ' Porky Springroll ' too, but afraid that the authentic springroll may grow mad at me. Heheheh...