03 April 2008

A Get Well Soon wish...

One of my favourite bloggers, Michele, hasn't been doing well in health for days. A lot of her anxious readers are worried about her, so am I. I really miss her beautiful pictures that liven up my everyday. It's hard to imagine her blog being stagnant, I've realized that checking her blog has become a routine of my life...
Michele, if you're reading this, know that I am sending my thoughts to you, wishing you a speedy recovery; and get well soon. I pray that you will be healed quickly and be spared from pain. During such difficult times, may the Lord's presence be with you and Marcell, may love and strength bind you both. Amen.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Never followed michele blog before, but I've taken a good look at it at I find it really a pleasuring lecture with stunning shots. My prayers are for her.
First time also in your blog and all that say is complimentes 'cause it's lovely. I'm surely follow you from know on.

bp said...

Hope your friend Michele recovers quickly! So sweet of you to send your well-wishes with this lovely picture you took, what a nice ecard you put together!

Stardust said...

Hi Silvia,

Glad that you love Michele's blog too. Your presence is welcomed but I may not be able to share nice pictures all the time, it's a rather seasonal thing, you see. =)

Hi bp,

Thanks for the comment and affirming this post as an ecard =D. Glad that this post has made way into hearts. =)