31 May 2011

Beautiful May

Counting down to the last minutes of May 2011, but hmm... it's not happening - the arrival of Breadcrumbs.

The fella is due a month later alright but you know how some first-timers and older moms have their present arrived earlier! So whenever spasms of Braxton Hicks contractions or subtle cramps happen, my heart is sent racing mad fast!! Is it the real thing? Now??

But nope. Looks like Breadcrumbs is still having a good time incubating snug within mommy.

It's alright. May is special enough and I think it's good we don't have all three birthday cakes in same month. :P

Papa Bear says we must fly the fella fishes in the air to celebrate Boy's Day ( or Children's Day ) next May.



I hope it'll put a big smile on Breadcrumbs.

Take your time darling, take your time. And I'm sure God will put you in my arms at the perfect timing. :) Meanwhile, mommy is cherishing every single moment having you so close within me.

This May has been one of the most beautiful.


bp said...

Thanks dear for this lovely update... I was going to prod, prod u for one 'coz normally u wd have written sthg out :)

I know I totally get your happy looking fwd to Breadcrumbs' arrival, n amen to God's perfect timing! Am sure Breadcrumbs n u guys will adore those cool flying fishes even more next May, when he'll be celebrating mommy n daddy's bdays n wedding anniv too, not just his first Children's day!

That cute bunny is u? In eager anticipation, n Breadcrumbs will make three fishes in the family to be fishes of God, amen to that also!

Boy, I am really looking fwd w u too to see Breadcrumbs :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom says to enjoy your peaceful quiet time, Stardust. Life will get busier for you once Breadcrumbs arrives!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

Enjoy yourselves now, coz once the little fella comes, you are going to be busy, busy busy ... and a word of warning: watch out when changing diapers. I was sprayed a few times. their timing is just so perfect!!(never happened with girls!)

And every first timer is anxious. I had a false alarm. Made my way to the hospital coz contractions were ten minutes apart, and got sent home and told to come back when it was 5 minutes apart...for my first child!! Two days later, she appeared. Fortunately it wasnt a case of 48 hours of contractions, just 4!

Stardust said...

Thank you everybody, it's really nice to know someone cares. Hugs.