23 May 2011

At 34 weeks

I'm in my 9th month bagging Breadcrumbs. :)


I've only started putting on this beautiful maternity dress since week 31. In fact, another pair of jeans makes up the entire fashion I have for my maternity journey. I'm so small that ladies in their 7th/8th month carry a tummy prouder than mine. Embarrassment is written all over faces for those who judged me at my 7th. No offense taken cos hellooo, my bump is finally getting noticed and receiving congratulatory gestures!

Aside from daily sashaying, I'm still sleeping soundly on my back. No sign of stretch marks, no discomfort, no significant changes that label ' I'm pregnant, please be more considerate to me. ' I held the door open for preggos in their earlier months but trudging harder. I'm totally dismissed for a questionnaire targetted at preggos that comes with a cute gift. Obviously, my tummy isn't obvious enough!

But I'm thankful for this wonderfully easy journey, when I could be enduring possible discomfort in my final trimester. In fact, a week of swelling at 21st March was all I remember. Breadcrumbs is weighing good at 2147grams and seems to react knowingly to stimulation. Nah... I know. It could purely be a mommy's wishful imagination. :P

Anyway, catch my 34 weeks 1 day darling pout, smooch and sticking tongue out. The umbilical cordie does run under his chin sometimes.




My darling had to sleep! when we attempted the 4D scan first time a week ago! This time, I deliberately had an early breakfast with hope that he'll wake up timely and nudge me for an intake. I brought my player along too. That's how we caught him pinched his nose, rubbed his face and had a lot of cute pouts.

You know how Breadcrumbs reacted to Claire de lune that we hear all the time?


He gave us 2 smiles that day. :))


grub said...

i'm glad that your pregnancy is going well! Breadcrumbs must be a good kid when he is born :D

hope all goes for you until the day Breadcrumbs is brought into the world! :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

We are so excited for you, Stardust! Just a handful of weeks to go! We want to see a picture of the radiant mom!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

Thanks for sharing these 4D scans, i've heard/read about them, but you're the first friend who's done them :)

Hey, i thot u were going to show a picture of you, not just the dress ;p

I can feel the spring in your step, yay! Praying with you to breeze thru' the labour as well when the time comes! Keep going now, my dear!

Feronia said...

Beautiful times for you, Stardust! Glad all is going well. We loved Singapore as much as ever and will be back there again in June. Take care, dear!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hehe! He liket the mewsik! He liket the mewsik! That is so cewt! Hehe!!


MaryAnn Ashley said...

Great news... how exciting!