10 May 2011

Make it count

realise how very little pictures we have of us since married.

It rang louder since the recent tsunami. When I caught an uncle on tv : A picture of his missing partner in his wallet was the only trace he had as he searched on.

Bear and I are always fighting over the camera, capturing each other on secret shots, but neither of us is dilligent with setting up the tripod. The picture he has of us in his wallet is taken while we were dating, while I've long emptied the compartments to make way for cards. Almost every of my friends on Facebook questioned ' why isn't there a picture of you two on your profile? '

Suddenly it dawns on me, have we been taking ourselves for granted all these years. Do I have something concrete of Bear if everything were to be swept clean off me this very moment?

So I suggested pictures of us, this May - our special month. Bear couldn't agree more, but first he would need a hair cut. He has crazy curls you see, and vain Bear desires to look smart beside me. Fine... but his curls are totally out of control now even when the long hols are over, there's just no time to visit the stylist.

Oh yes... Time, this one too. Haven't we been taking all these years for granted also I wonder?

I'm not the most spontaneous person in the world, and I just don't know what holds me back sometimes. Not sure how it works, but I'm hoping to make things count from now on. Anything, everything.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Our mom and dad don't have many pictures of the two of them together either. The few they do have are weddings or dressy affairs and someone else has taken the picture.
Pictures are important for future generations!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

A quick hi, this is like an answered prayer to my heart's desire... to put a face to the wonderful person you are, and faces to the lovely and oh so romantic couple u n Bear r (re your previous post that i caught on the reader but did not manage to get onto your blog to leave a comment).

Yes, pl, do also indulge us with some pictures of yourselves, please, pretty please! And i don't just mean of Breadcrumbs later, u know ;)

Blessed week dear, thanks for checking in on how i'm doing!