21 February 2008

To Chinese New Year 2008! CHEERS!

According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, 21st Feb is the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, which marks the end of the Chinese New Year (CNY )celebration. Though I've been back to Japan since the 4th day of the Lunar New Year, I'm still very much in the CNY mood. The reunion dinner on New Year's eve with my family was heartwarming. My husband also managed to join us for this utmost important event of the Chinese.

I love the decoration and warm atmosphere everywhere! Everything is in big, loud RED, which symbolizes ' auspiciousness ' in Chinese belief. GOLD is another auspicious and popular color. You can't help noticing the eye-catching decoration and be engulfed in the cheery mood!

I really wish I could stay a little longer to catch the fireworks display, and have more local food before I return to Japan. Two weeks' stay is truly a little short, but I know that I ought to be back home to support my husband.

My husband and I managed to visit Vivocity Shopping Mall for the first time, and got a brand new shopping experience. I was impressed by the scale of the mall, and the wide variety of shops that it has. As it is being built beside a harbour, we got to enjoy the outdoors when we got tired from shopping. Watching the sky and sea was really relaxing. We would surely like to return again to check out the remaining stores and spend time leisurely in the cafes by the sea.

My fishing-fanatic husband never misses his chance whenever he is in Singapore. He claims that Singapore has exotic fishes that can't be found in Japan.

We tried fishing at our favourite Changi Beach, but the waves were too strong and we returned disappointed. My husband decided to try again at the HUGE pond near my
home, and TALA, he caught 2 fishes that looked like cousins to me.

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Don't the fellas look alike? Orange happens to be one of the CNY theme color for ' Gold '. I can't help but feeling gleeful about this unusual catch while there are undoubtedly many other fishes of different colors in the pond. I wish something good will come our way this year. =D

I've brought my favorite CNY goods back to Japan of course! Pineapple tarts, barbecue pork slice, cookies, nuts and chocolate bars that I can't find in Japan. Though I could not bring over some Mandarin oranges, I brought a pomelo back to enjoy for days. =D . CNY still ' reigns ' in my house whenever I nibble on those goods in unspeakable delight.

I thank my husband for his understanding towards my needs, and my family's warm reception to the both of us during our stay. Every CNY has been such a great time, but I reckon too that good times never fail to pass too quickly.

Perhaps, I would never truly appreciate the spirit of Chinese New Year, and relish the traditional custom; if I have not been married overseas. I've probably looked forward, and enjoyed CNY in a child-like anticipation, more than any other adults of my age. I guess any other lady married overseas feel exactly like I do... We shall never grow indifferent to the celebration of CNY. Wherever we are, CNY shall always be celebrated even if we can't return to our hometown for reunion. Yet, it is still my sincere wish that all Chinese worldwide, may reunite with our loved ones again for this special festival of the year. This New Year, may all your fondest dreams come true. Peace, Love, Joy.

祝 新年快楽、歳歳平安

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Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

What a wonderful and beautiful post!
Terrific pictures full of colors and fun.
Your words you write are truly special and I hope that the year brings you all that you hope for!