14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

It's the special day of the year again, Valentine's Day.
Do you know, in Japan, Valentine's is meant especially for the gentleman. Ladies would prepare Valentine's Day token like chocolate, branded gift and etc, for their special ones. The ' ladies' version ' of Valentine's Day falls a month later on 14th March, which they call it the ' White Day '. This is when the ladies shall receive a gift from the guys.

Just in case you feel that Valentine's Day has nothing to do with you, or should be specifically designed, defined and dedicated to the only ' eligible ' ones, Valentine's Day can be celebrated by anyone, everyday, everytime. =)

I thank God for His warm and unfailing love, that I need not wait for one day in an entire year to receive a token of love from Him. Everyday has its own joy, blessings and gift of love, and I receive them free. Neither need I burn my pocket to give back something just as valuable or worthy.

Love is just so amazing that money can't buy, neither is it measurable.

I thank my loving husband, family and friends for their loving too. I may not have given much, but they are always kind and loving to me. I think this alone is one good reason to celebrate Valentine's Day and remember the goodness of those who love us. Valentine's Day definitely takes more than just a lover-partner, let's be thankful for those who ' lovers ' who love us in their special way.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Ellena said...

Happy Valentine's Day dear friend..... I am sure u enjoy this day.... so how's yr valentine's day gift going? Any picture to show me......