15 February 2008

Macaron for Valentine's Day 2008

If I were to follow the Jap's style, I should be producing something out of chocolate for Valentine's Day sweets. Yeah, I know.

Unfortunately, my husband had too much good stuff during the Chinese New Year stay in Singapore, and signs of ' heatiness ' has revealed all over him. I decided that he better not touch those heaty stuff anymore, especially chocolate and nuts. He sulked when I told him frankly, ' Sorry dear, no chocolate for Valentine's Day this year '.

I changed my mind on the V-Day afternoon. For all the love that my husband has showered me, I ought to produce something to express my loving, so long it's without the coco formula. Wink*

Both of us have not tried macarons before until I've produced some home-made ones. I have the impression that Singaporean bakers are making the macarons the ' in ' thing, so I merely followed the trend. The unbearable sweetness of macaron isn't really into my fancy, but my husband loves it absolutely.

There is still plenty of areas to buck up on, like the appearance of the feet, flavours and so on. Look, these sesame flavoured macarons are considered disqualified as they are without ' feet '.
The cranberry flavoured ones ' can probably walk ' ( oh, they look like cute little UFOs ), but their feet obviously too large and needed to be kept neatly within.

I know that I've done a sloppy job this time : poor piping, temperature is too high, feet problems & etc. Well, I'd surely love to try making better ones next time.
There's plenty to learn for a novice baker like me! I really look forward to learn much from other bloggers and friends around me. Your precious advice is welcomed anytime!

My husband smiled from ear to ear when he saw the macarons after overtime work. My dear deserves what's from the bottom of my heart.

So, Happy coco-free Valentine's Day.


Ellena said...

Dear Julia,

I must tell you, i see love and passion in your macarons..... it's really a hard work from a loving wife. Although it might not look like those store bought type that had fancy look but then the effort and the taste is sure far more better than those outside. Cos i see LOVE in them... when i look at the colour and the post, suddenly my tears drop... it's a kind of warmhearted tears.... :) I am sure your hubby will appreciate on what u had done for him.... God Bless.

Mandy said...

Oh Julia,
your hubs is one lucky man! Saw the comment you left on my blog, I don't remember receiving an email from you. When was that? Do you mind sending it again? Sometime my mails go into spam for no reason! Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

SeenThisSceneThat said...

I like the macarons in your photos. They look really edible and delicious.

Take care and be happy.

Stardust said...

Thanks to all! I shall try harder next time. =)