25 November 2008

Colors of love, on いい夫婦の日

Hooo! Japan has enjoyed a 3-days break the recent weekend!

We squeezed some time out for fun though there were much stuff to be done! Off we went, to a prefecture where Autumn is obviously resuscitated!


Welcome to 山梨県 ( Yamanashi-Ken ), and meet its utmost significant icon, that sits unquestionably as the heart of Japan.


The famous 富士山、 Mount Fuji.


This active volcano that stands the highest in Japan at 3776m, often swells the hearts of the citizens with pride.

What exactly makes Mount Fuji stand out among others and capture the hearts of the Japs? Unlike alps, notice that Mount Fuji stands erected, aloof with a grand peak, without adjacent mountains? The distinctive look of this majestic mountain aptly fufills the Japanese notion of beauty in simplicity.


We were fortunate to admire Mount Fuji on a day with a weather this fine! Do you know? It actually takes a truly clear sky like this to reveal the face of Mount Fuji!


And the trees that still advocated Autumn... the splendor of colors looked so very surreal to me...



Now, we didn't set off during dusk at 3a.m. just to watch dawn. Bear meant it as the last fishing trip of the year. Notice that we actually arrived before the sunrise, and road lights were still lit up.


However, the wind was too strong, Bear changed location later for a hopeful catch and he did it! While I was napping in the car to shun the wind. Hahahah!


We didn't realized until the mid of the day, it was the いい夫婦の日( Fine husband and wife Day ) on the 22nd of Novemeber!

For foreigners who study the language, 1122 ( 11月22日 ) legitimately echoes ’いい夫婦’。 Get it? =P

It made us feel doubly-blessed! The great weather, and good times we had. I couldn't help giving thanks to God for this awesome day, and secretly hoped that our love stays wonderful like the brilliant colors unfolded before our eyes...




What a day to remember! I'm most touched by grandeur of Mount Fuji!
Some Japs describe Mount Fuji as a lady clothed according to seasons. I think she is unmistakenly charming when dressed in Autumn. =)


sharilyn said...

wow! what beauty! the colors are fabulous, and the mountain in its smoky grey blue against the oranges! lovely! i especially like photo #3 (the first one of leaves and mtn together)... great shots, stardust! you sure do get to see some amazing beauty where you are! thanks for sharing!

Piggy said...

beautiful pics as always! Love the colours of autumn.

J.H said...

Absolutely brilliant pics!
Now you just convince me to buy Nikon next time :-) I love all those vivid colours :-)

umekotyan said...





from loved ume tyan

MaryAnn Ashley said...

I am having the best time seeing Japan through your lens! The images are all stunning! "The fishing Bear" humorous caption!

Ladybird said...

OMG!! Mount Fuji!! Lovely pictures, the leaves are so red! We can't see anymore red leaves here as autumn has come and gone :( . Each I fall in love a little more with Japan whenever I visit your blog. :)

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

my adorable twin! thanks for everything and especially for all your beautiful posts and photos!
love you so much!!!!
:-D have a good day dear!
lots of kisses

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

This post is surreal! Amazingly beautiful photos.....YOU ARE AMAZING!!

Something About Us said...

The Mount Fuji looks absolutely stunning!!

I went there on Sep02 but it was raining, so not able to take a good view of the whole mountain. sad. pity.

- Ling

Jade said...

Been busy and have missed out on all your lovely posts...taking 5 now hehe...I love your photo of Mount Fuji. Just Magnificent!

bp said...

Wooooooooo, how breathtaking! Thanks so much Stardust, for sharing God's beautiful creations with all of us here, time and again! I wanna visit Mt Fuji some day too!!!

Interesting... the husband/wife day, how do the locals mark it? Any celebration of sorts?

And yes, my dear, you and Bear's love will always be wonderful, and be continually blessed by our Abba Father =).

Stardust said...

Sharilyn, thank you for appreciating the colors.

Piggy, thank you yah.

J.H. notice that the pictures are taken at the break of the day. That's when colors are most pretty.

梅子さん、こんないい天気で富士山を見るのは初めてですよ。ランサーと最後の旅だし、とても貴重な思い出が出来て、幸せだと思います。レンズの大きさってね、70から300までのものですが、なかなか使っていません。梅子さんもよくご主人と出かけたりしているらしいね、いい夫婦のはずさ! (^^)

MaryAnn, I'll be most happy if you like them.

Ladybird, I fall in love with Germany more, through your blog!

Silvia, thank you my twin!

WW, thank you! I love your good stuff even more!

Something about us, actually, it is really not easy to catch Mount Fuji unless on a really clear sky day. Don't feel too bad, there'll be chance again.

Jade, thanks for dropping by despite being busy. Take good care!

BP, we should be thanking God for His creation!! Celebration ah... it's a very optional thingy. Just like Valentine's, the couples decide their own. Thank you for your blessings!!