05 November 2008

Autumnal Palette


As days go by, the trees and hills gradually don a denser shade...

Meet Autumn. Undoubtedly the most-loved season in Japan.



The Japanese enjoy travelling in this season, to admire the lasting colors at a cooling temperature.


Often, convertibles-owners seize the opportunity to enjoy a cool ride under the splendour of colors. I hate it when hubby cast those suggestive eyes at me whenever a top-naked-convertible passed by. I'd rather be divorced than to take a spin in the cold wind! (~~;)


Anyway, I don't hate autumn, how could I? Look at the brilliance of flaming colors, they take my breath away... Come take a walk with me. =)


Inhale the fresh crisp air, hear the sound of rushing waters, feast visually on the generous colors... I feel my senses satisfied.


I so indulge in the harmony of nature, how well do you?




Ah...autumn. I'm feeling all autumnal, with a brand new flu! =P

Have a fine autumn!


Ellena said...

Of... all the seasons, I love Autumn the most, mainly due to the colour of the leaves and the falls......The combination and layers of the Autumn leaves realli makes you in love with it....... Thanks for sharing all these lovely pictures...... :)

sharilyn said...

lovely, lovely, so very lovely! you are so very truly blessed, my friend! (do you see it?!?) a loving and wonderful husband, fantastic fields of flowers, color-filled flaming-leaf tree-scapes, waterfalls, heart-shaped clouds... God is good. so very good.

J.H said...

hey is already bald in here, wonder why is still so nice there!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I won't mind the temperature if I get to see these with my very eyes.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My dear your photos move me! they are so stunning and those colours are calming my soul and mind.
Thanks and love you dear!

Ladybird said...

Wonderful WONDERFUL pictures! You are so truly blessed staying at such a beautiful place!
I love autumn! But unfortunately we're only having grey, grey and grey sky here in Germany.

Mandy said...

I love fall too! Your pictures are breathtaking! Very poetic!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

The autumn color is fading around here now.....it's wonderful to be able to come over here and see your lovely shots! I love the red maple leaves....those shots are STUNNING!

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

stay-at-home mum said...

I love the colours of fall. Thanks for sharing them with me thru your beautiful photos.

Stardust said...

Ellena, glad that you like autumn.

Sharilyn, yes, GOD is good indeed!

J.H., the climate change at our side is a little slower than UK I suppose.

Anonymous, Silvia, Ladybird, Mandy, WW, SAHM, you're welcomed. =)

梅子さん、ありがとうございます。 梅子さんも風邪に気をつけてね。

bp said...

*inhale* *exhale*

Taking in all your very beautiful shots of autumn, and again, what can i say, you have a great eye for God's creation! Great job on all your pictures, Stardust!

But did you also say you are down with flu? Oh no, please keep warm and get well super fast! God bless!

Jade said...

WOW! Wat lovely autumy pictures! It's picture perfect for me! Can imagine myself taking a nature walk with you. =)