26 December 2008

Decked in White

We could have had a white little Christmas as forecasted, but snow fell a lil later...


It still felt Christmasy this morning when I saw everything outside under a white-washed blanket. =)



So, it didn't snow on Christmas day after all, and unlike previous years, we merely had a quiet celebration at home. Do you know? Christmas is NOT a holiday in Japan!! ( Sniff... ) The Bear had tons of work in his office, and so I slogged my ass off in the kitchen yesterday to prepare a spread for our dinner table.
With dessert being a cake adorned in white. ;)


No more over-rated cakes from hotels and bakeries, I was resoluted to give it a go with my first round pan. Yes, I've baked a cake for Christmas, after having given my oven a break for over 3 months!


We fell in love with the texture of the cake, soft, moist and absolutely spongy!! The only flaw was the lack of fresh cream to give it a pretty finish ( which also means a healthy cut of fats ). Greedy Bear helped himself with a quarter of it right after our sumptuous Christmas feast! I'm pretty excited about using the recipe again for other baking opportunities. =D Check out where I've dug the sponge cake recipe from!

Still having a good time? I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays!!


nessie said...

U didnt have snow falls on Christmas day. But here I had a wet Christmas yesterday.

It rained the whole day.Raining...its difficult to move around.

The best part is..its my off day on Christmas holiday and i get to spend the holiday at the comfort of my home, surrounded by the warmth presence of my families. My family is my joy!

I wish i could have a slice of ur Christmas cake!

sharilyn said...

what lovely snowy photos, stardust! i hope your Christmas was joy-filled as you spent it with your beloved bear! (i cannot believe it's not a holiday in Japan!)

i had a wonderful day with my friends... delicious, indulgent dinner and time spent together. it doesn't get any better than that! oh, that and the rain! we had today! loved it! God is good!

umekotyan said...


from loved ume tyan

~ Jade ~ said...

Such pretty flowers with snow around them. Thought we will not be able to see colourful flowers during winter. Bear is blessed to have a lovely wifey to prepare him a feast for X'mas. (^^,)

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Merry Christmas, Stardust! Amidst the wintry dusting of snow...life blossoms in bursts of color. God knows just the right 'gift' to give. Thanks for sharing.

Have a Hope-Filled New Year!


J.H said...

that looks absolutely gregoreous cake! Well done :-)

~ Jade ~ said...

Dropping by to wish you and Bear a Blessed New Year! Take care my dear (don't work to hard doing all the cleaning up) and hope you enjoy your New Year celebration.