28 November 2008

Goodbye Lancer

If only things last forever...

This Sunday, sadly, we will have to bid goodbye to my first car.

The Bear said that it has outlived its worth by this 10th year, and it's time for it to go. =(

It is the first car that chauffeured us around on our first date. The first car to own for a paper driver like myself, a possession I consider an extravagance.

How I relish every moment whenever Bear boldly demonstrates the power of the machine on the road, without battling an eyelid. I recall the fact that Bear would rather buy me a new car upon my license acquisition, than to lend me his precious.

I had a hard time convincing him before I could lay lands on it, and even harder time to get acquainted with the monster within. Thanks to its wacky temperaments and tricky feel,conquering it has not only perfected my confidence on the road, Bear is always impressed by the wild gall in me. Stardust proves that ladies are not necessarily intimitated by sports machine!

We enjoy every journey on the highway. Exhilerating and effortless, cos most cars would give way to us when they recognise this fella second to its big brother, Lancer Evolution. I simply LOVE its potent spur, the instant pick-up, the power at my bidding gives me a freedom I've never known...

Why? Just why do good things have to go?

Some calls it childishness. Being a sentimental person who cherishes things with some even decades-old, it really breaks my heart to see my first car go just because it's ' old '. I'm just sad that I'm not the utlimate owner, and I'm not allowed to decide its fate.



So we drove and drove, to pacify my reluctance to see it go. Partly the reason why 2008 is a year of outdoor while high oak gas could be outrageously expensive sometimes, but there isn't a slightest hint of regret in us at all.


We have so much to thank Lancer for. The places it took us, errands it has helped us done. I've snacked, napped, laughed, and cried in the comfort of its shelter. These near 4 years of being together feels all too incredibly brief to me.

Just how am I supposed to watch you go on Sunday...? It must be the saddest day of 2008.


Have I been a good owner? I don't know... but I conclude that you've been a great, amazing pal. I'm so blessed to once have you!



I'm going to miss you like crazy, Lancer.

I'll never forget you, us. And I pray that your next owner will truly treat you kind.


J.H said...

I think I had to bid my car farewell as well next year :-(
Otherwise I would have to pay higher tax (old car tax are quite high).

MaryAnn Ashley said...

How are you today?

Jade said...

Stardust, sentimental as we maybe, as the saying goes (translated from the mandarin version) "if the old stuff don't go, the new stuff wouldn't come" Stay Happy, afterall your Lancer had served the both of you well during it's time.

Luv Jade

bp said...

Hehe, looks like many of us are the sentimental kind. Don't feel bad, Stardust... as Jade says, the old has to make room for the new. I really like the collage of all these artistic pictures you've taken with Lancer in it, and I believe you and the Bear must have taken v good care of it! The next owner will be apprecative of that! =)

P.S. Many thanks for your b'day wishes. Sorry this response comes so late, I've just been caught up with everyday stuff. Catching up on your posts whenever I can, so yes, while I haven't managed to update my blog recently, I'm here, always here, so, do stay in touch!

You take care now, big hugs and God bless!

Bumpkin Bears said...

I just found your blog from Bob T Bear :) I know just what you mean about saying good bye to your first car, I felt the same about mine - just a little rover metro but I loved it and it had given me freedom and took me to all sorts of places and people. I love your photos of the car :) Beary Hugs, Catherine and the Bumpkin Bears