14 November 2008

My best friend's wedding


There's a celebration tomorrow that I've been straining my neck so long for.

It's my best friend's wedding! One of the greatest guys I've known in my life, is finally getting hitched! =D

He's one of my best pals whose reliability is second to none, the first one I think of whenever I'm troubled. Anytime I summon for help, he'll arrive in seconds. A genuine friend who cares, shares and gives so unselfishly for years... and finally, he is getting married!! YAY!!!!!!


When my great bro revealed his good news, I confess... for split seconds, the self-centered me thought that a great friend will be lost for good; due to his status-to-be. But somehow, deep inside ( or is it his personality I've known too well ), something reassured that my worries are unfounded. And this heart is overflowing with JOY! Nothing beats knowing that a great gal will be there for him, always!! =D


It's an awful shame I can't travel back to Singapore for his big day. I still remember how he helped out at mine as if it was his. And all I do now is just sit here and imagine how I could be his beck and call, and give a hand on his special day... I so want to be in his team and witness his blissful moments!!

............ Photobucket

Congratulations, Turtle. I'm so glad for you that you are finally settling down! I just can't wait to meet your beautiful bride soon and be great friends with her, and someday, let our children play together! =)


And remember what I told you, a great guy like yourself will never be alone. In some things, you just have to go on faith! =) See what I mean? You're now blessed with a wonderful lady. =D

P/S: And don't forget, you're blessed with a friend like me. Have a memorable wedding. =)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

God will bless this wedding my dear! For sure! best wishes from the bottom of my heart to your friend..and you know how much I get moved with weddings ;-)
Love you and yes...I feel very blessed with a friend like you!

sharilyn said...

i'm so happy for your friend! i pray happiness for him and his beloved for many years to come! i do so wish you could be there to share it with him, my friend! it's hard to be so far from those we so love! have a great weekend, star!

J.H said...

hey, my best friend getting married as well. I understand when u said sometimes we thought we'll going to lose a friend. In reality, me and him become even better friends now, since he is engaged :-)

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

MaryAnn Ashley said...

What a sweet heartfelt post. It reminded me of a dear friend from college who I hope one day will find someone to share his life with.

Stunning flowers!

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

If I had a friend who took awesome photos like you, I would pay to fly you over to shoot my wedding!

Lovely flowers :)

Ellena said...

Wow.. "turtle" is getting married!!!! Wow.. Priased Lord. I am sure with the Lord gracious... he will be blessed with a wonderful wife and marriage that he long for........ Let the angels sprinkler loves and warms to this couple....... God bless.... :) Help me to send regards to him....

Rocky Mtn. Girl said...

A beautiful tribute to your friend and his fiancee. They are very fortunate to have someone as special as you! =)

Piggy said...

I can completely understand how you feel about missing your best friend's wedding. My best friend is giving birth in Dec and I'll miss it too... sigh!

Love the pictures of flowers, are these taken recently? I wonder if there's any flowers left in autumn. :-)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ahhhh I hope yu get lots ov luvly fotoes to enjoy ov his big day!

DOn't worry. Mummy haz frends hoo hav marreed an sum hoo hav had kiddies, too, an the frendships chaynge but they do stay. Yu just get lots mor to talk abowt! Think bowt it- peepol allways moov on an chaynge, but they allways like frends best hoo hav known them all along, befor the chaynges.

I carnt explayne it very well. I hope yu kno wat I meen!

Mummy haz been happy today an darnsin abowt an smiley cos she got yor parsol!!! She haz put yor card up on the mantelpeece, an I must say, yor pikcher ov me is splendid!!! She is goin to emayle yu wen she can, as this is a bizzy week, but yu shud see her, how she is happy!



Stardust said...

Yes Silvia, God will surely bless this marriage, yours, mine alike. Amen!

Sharilyn sweetheart, thank you, you are most kind.

J.H., Oh I think you know what exactly I mean. Yet, I believe you. =)

梅子さん、祝福ありがとうございます。 友達の’亀’はきっと幸せになるんでしょう。

MaryAnn, oh I so pray that he finds someone soon.

WW, so flattering of you. I think you are the one you'd like to hire.

Lena, ok, I shall do so. =D

Michele, hahah, I hope so...

Piggy, oh what a shame!! How we miss ' that place ' and our loved ones there...( Rubbing your back )

Bob, I noe what yu meen, thank yu so much, nose hugs...