12 June 2012

While you were ...

To : パンコ

In case you care to read mama's blog one day, I thought I should let you know...

In December 2011, we returned to Japan from Singapore with a bad cold.  Things were tough with mama's bad wrist but praise God for the wonderful baby in you that made things easy for me.

Days were hard after our return, I was so tired that I could barely talk.  Were you lonely?  I don't know but I often caught you smiling while playing by yourself.

It took 4 days to finally make you accept baby food.  Mama just sat beside you and pretended to enjoy my own plate, and it worked!  And then you turned 6 months...

We got back on time to celebrate your first Christmas with daddy, and New Year of course.  Know that everybody at dad's place adored you, you were the star. 

I was telling daddy on New Year's eve that we ought to capture more of your cute toothless smiles, 2 days later we found your milkies coming out!  It really was a mishmash of feelings dear.  I was delighted at your tiny surprise popping but also sad to know that you're growing less a baby.

You loved the curtain didn't you.   And of course, I could do the laundry effortlessly even with you around, no brainer; because you enjoyed watching me work.

I held my breath when you started wiggling on the floor and pushing your limbs.  It was funny to watch you grunting and trying so hard only to move very little.

We made you a snow bear the day you turned 7 months.


 You were one baby who really liked it cold.  I remember that you were cranky in Singapore everyday!

 It was Chinese New Year that day and for the first time I gave out an ang pow as a mom. :D

When you refused to nap on 31st Jan, we played as I placed you on my body and you fell asleep in my bosom.  And this is how we've kickstarted your 'koala habit'.

Your walker was the in thing then.  You loved speeding with arms raised 90 degrees and chin forward. 

And when you could really do tummy crawling, that was when I started mopping the floor every night after you went to bed.

Then as your radius of exploration started expanding, I had to make use of your dreaded toy to stop you from entering the kitchen.  You were so cute to be that spooked and it was hilarious to watch you retreat.  Hahahaha...

You could sit by 7 months, and started eating self-made baby food greedily.  You really really loved apple.

Did I tell you that you were one talkative baby and you often chuckled at nothing. You could go 'mamamamamama~' just 2 days after I've taught you 'mama'.  

And of course, you could never stop flirting with strangers.


stay-at-home mum said...

WOW! your little prince is almost one!! And such wonderful memories to carry with you. He even brings a smile to my face just looking at his mischievous photos, I esp like the one with his mouth covered with cereal (?). Continue enjoying this wonderful time with him. More so when he's starting to walk and talk. Coz when they get to my kids' age, they only roll their eyes and go "whatever!!"

Mitch and Molly said...

Your cub is just adorable, Stardust. The first picture made us laugh out loud!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Helena said...

Beautiful photo's and words, and a snow bear that Bob would be very proud of!

bp said...

AWWW!!! Cub sure is one absolutely cute, clever, cheeky, charming li'l guy!

So glad to be seeing his photos, and reading how well you love him, great loving mama, and papa, too!

They put huge smiles on my face!

The ones of him with you and Bear are all so gorgeous, so precious also!!!