29 June 2012

1st birthday & 1st year at home

28th June a year ago was when we brought the cub home from the hospital.  

'Hello baby, we're home' was how we've ushered the cub, still nameless then, into the house.  

A year later he is capable of navigating his way around the house if I let him.  He whisks his toys across the expensive parquet, creates a new mess everyday and makes himself very comfortable at home.

Sometimes the wild thing gets tired of indoor fun and starts leaning by the window to watch what's going on outside.  It's just embarrassing!  Especially when he is shabbily dressed, now what do you expect, we're home!  Now the passersby may be speculating that I've neglected my boy so much that he resorts to attention at the window.

Look at him, how can you ignore this cutie pie slapping on the window?


It's crazy but we can't imagine how home will be home without him!

So we make our perfect home the perfect place to celebrate the cub's first birthday ;)

I would have baked him his first cake if not for the nagging pain at you know where.  Anyway, I ordered one, customized it to resemble my boy's smile which tickled the pastry chefs much I heard.

A miracle happened on the day, his left eyelid reappeared though it retired after a few hours again.  It was brief but it really made his folks very happy.

It may have been a quiet celebration, just 3 of us, nonetheless joyous, blessed.  We've received gifts from family and friends, everyone who so love the baby...

But no love beats one of the loving dad, who prepared a glam toy ride flown all the way from Germany.  The birthday boy had his first BMW racer.

Uninformed beforehand, I was very moved when it was delivered to our place.  Bear's quiet thoughtfulness was one of the best thing I love about him.  We're blessed to have this sweet man at home.

The racer is truly heavy for a toy and takes a while before the cub is capable of handling it.  For now, we like the horn that makes a old fashioned squeak like an antique toy.

He really should have been more grateful and behave instead of having a little accident that day.  The cub peed on the floor for the first time.  :P


bp said...

Awww! Your customised cake is delightful, must have been real tasty! I am sure Cub will have tons of fun vrooming around on his very own oh-so-cool convertible, woohoo!

Bless the loving mommy and daddy for these really SWEET and THOUGHTFUL gifts to make Cub's 1st birthday EXTRA SPECIAL AND JOYFUL!!!

Here's adding still more blessings to your beautiful Cub and family: God's goodness and love follow you all the days of your lives! Amen!

Keep going mama and papa!!!

bp said...

And do try and take it easy with where it hurts still... is it the fractured finger or the wrist? Take good care my dear, hugs!

Mitch and Molly said...

We just love that first photo! Your cub is so adorable, Stardust!
What a fancy birthday gift from Bear. We bet he'll be "driving" it before too long!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

stay-at-home mum said...

love the cake and love that BMW even more!! AND most of all love that cheeky face at the glass door!! Its going to get even more fun in the next year. Enjoy your time with him, and bless the Bear!!

Feronia said...

I have been loving reading all of these beautiful posts for your little cub, Stardust. What a great mum you are! Happy First Birthday, little one!! :)

Mitch and Molly said...

That's blue hydrangea flower petals all over my toofies, Stardust!
I munched on a pretty flower!

Love ya lots,

bp said...

Knock, knock! I miss your updates. Hope things are going well and it's been fun, fulfilling watching Cub grow and grow, it must be so exciting all the many and more and more things he's up to now, albeit our days can be so exhausting and draining at the same time, I know how it is. Thank you for popping over and leaving your sweet, kind comments and wellwishes on my posts. I've not exactly been prompt in updating there. But we can catch up as and when, yes. Thinking of you, take good care of yourself too whilst taking care of the family and home. Try and steal restful moments, ok. Hugs and God bless!

Helena said...

SOrry that I haven't been around. I have been busy with Scooter, and with mum..... thank you so much for your kind, kind words that you left about Scooter's passing. He took a piece of our hearts with him when he went. It is very hard.

I don't think I saw this post before- WOW what a tremendous cake that was!!
I wonder if he has got to grips with his wheels yet-?

I have managed to do a little crafting during the nights when I was cat-watching. I made some for you, and will send them when I can.


Helena said...

Just nipping by to say hello and drop off some hugs :)

Mitch and Molly said...

Thank you so much for all of your comments on all of our blog posts, Stardust. I (Miss Molly) was neutered/spay for my surgery and I'm doing fantastic. I never had to wear the lampshadecone and I'm 2 weeks out from surgery so I'm free to climb stairs and go back to being a normal 7 month old pup :-)

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

Anonymous said...


May I know where did you get the cake from?

It's really cute! :)