19 June 2012

While you were... (III)

We waved bye ( yes, you were waving already ) to your 9th month packed with mysteries. You could pinch and grasp very well but you just couldn't pick up food and ended up crushing them.  Though it was hilarious watching you, we've decided you stop practicing with food.


You stopped calling us and the last time we heard you was on the day you turned 9 months.  Mysteriously, you started calling us again on the day you turned 10 months.

On the same day, you've decided that it's time to cruise along the sofa with the cutest wobble, and babe we were so impressed!

Then you wanted to push the walker, slap the tv, hang your arms on the gate, enjoy the new height you can reach.   You didn't care, cos you knew I was only pretending to be angry.

When Spring came, off we went to see the blooms.  To have a baby in my arms in my favorite season, that's something I could only imagine in the past.  You've made me a very very happy mama. :)

But I'm sorry for not being fast enough to grab the rape blossom you've popped into your mouth.  We got everything single bit out nevertheless.


 We celebrated Children's Day with lotsa goodies and blessings from people around us.  You've made papa's parents very very proud.

I got the the biggest shock on the day you turned 11 months.  I was busy in the kitchen and when I turned around to check you out, this is what I saw.  HOW DID YOU GET OUT OF THE WALKER ON YOUR OWN?  How did you do that without making a sound, get a foot stuck somewhere, or land with a thud.. HOW?

 You love clapping with those kids on tv, and enjoy the weather forecast that screens later.  In fact, the weather forecast is your favorite program next to sesame street.

Daddy agreed that you sound like German, or French with those words we could never make out.  Did you get them from Big Bird or Kermit?

But I think I know your 'DA!' means 'da-me', 'no' in Japanese, and you like to repeat it after me. 


Sometimes, you are so engrossed with your toy  you've forgotten that you're standing hands free.  Then you'll squat down slow with caution, and give me that ' not knowing why you're making me laugh ' face.  It's ok if you can't stand on your own yet baby, let's go slow.

Cos before we know it, you'll be doing much on your own, like helping yourself on the snack, and forsaking your baby instincts ~ what made memories of the helpless you I'm keeping safe in my heart till it stops beating...

Dad and I agree that you've lost so much baby fat this month, like you can't wait to look like a 1 year old.

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Mitch and Molly said...

Those little fingers are just so precious! Each picture is cuter than the last one, Stardust!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly