15 June 2012

While you were... (II)

8 months in the coldest of winter...

You warmed my days by being your cute self, and mom's momentum was recovering just in time to enjoy you. 


 Every meal time was full of fun though I never understood why you put on so little weight despite that much you ate. 

 Right, you even ate bits of the paper written with lyrics of 'Rubber Duckie', the song I sang you at bath everyday.

When your bod was almost busting the stitches, we were hoping that your clothing would last you through the cold season.

You who never liked napping, and never associated napping with daddy, actually fell asleep in his arms one evening. :) 

You were amused every time you saw me appearing out of nowhere.  You still do. :)

 You had your first hair cut at 9 months.  Ask me where your snipped ends are.



Dad insisted we go see the first blooms though it was still cold.  So know that Adonis was the first flower you've touched.

You couldn't look more like yourself in this coat, my cute little cub.

 I swelled with pride for everywhere we went people would tell me how adorable you are.

Because it was so unusual of you to get cranky, I was telling daddy I found it insanely cute whenever you got mad.

You couldn't stand crawling anymore and started pulling yourself up by the sofa.  We loved how you'd stick out your bottom while doing so.

You were the darling we could never get sick of...

Unfortunately, you fell ill in your 9th month, and since then your beautiful left eyelid disappeared and it's been 2 months already.

When it's back, I'm so going to post a celebration on it, I promise.  Know that daddy and I are missing your eyelid like crazy...


Mitch and Molly said...

How precious is that napping picture with your daddy!
We just love your smile - toothless or with toofers!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

bp said...

I'm just catching up on your posts here where I left off, love love love all these gorgeous pics and your sharing of such precious moments all!!!

What'd you do with Cub's hair from his first haircut? You don't have to answer that here ;p.

Cub, know how so very very very much your Mama and Papa Bear love you! What a great joy and blessing you are to them!

Have a great God-blessed 1st birthday coming real soon! Hugs and kisses from this "aunty" here!

Feronia said...

So many lovely photos of your sweet cub, Stardust :)

Helena said...

It's so wonderful that you know the first flower he touched. Magical. Maybe in the future, he will marry, and you can whisper this to his bride, and she will have these flowers in her bouquet ;)