21 June 2012

I remember

I remember a year ago...

For the past 2 days, my tailbone fractured for a long time started to hurt.  I was spotting too. They say if the baby is coming your gut knows it, but I dismissed it thinking it was just the nerves.  And boy was I nervous on the 3rd day when I woke up bleeding, and Bear rushed us to the hospital.

The cub took his time to arrive some 30 hours later. :)


I watched him napping this afternoon, was he actually asleep like this in my tummy a year ago?  Did I really compact this little creature within?  Was he aware of his surrounding, did he know that he's meant to leave the womb one day? I mean everything still feels surreal to me!

 I examined him over and over... the toes I've kissed countless times, the contour of his body, his features that still resemble the newborn days.  He suckles, twitches and still grins in his sleep like everyday.

 Oh Lord, I love this beautiful baby of mine.  And you know how vulnerable I feel just to say it.

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Mitch and Molly said...

What a precious little boy he is, Stardust! Your pictures are so sweet!