05 October 2010

When it looked like the sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore

Down poured an autumn shower yesterday, like it had to rain a volume for the entire season. I was happy for the trees planted at home, but then again sad; for rain would mean quite another to others.

Lately, some of our dearest aren't having the best gait of their lives.

こんな大雨で、奥さんはどうやって病院へ行くかな。。。 先生が又寂しい一日過ごすんでしょう。。 雨さえ降らなければな。。。 

As I battled with the raining questions that challenge to drench what's already a sadly-soaked faith, the Sunday message kept reliving in my head.

Remain in Me. Trust Me.

I fell from a trance to a sleep after watching the rain for some time, only to wake up with a startle. Do you have childhood memories of waking up in the middle of a nightmare? You couldn't recall what the dream was but fear was capable of haunting you by transiting dimensions? I rushed for the door as I needed air badly. And there outside the rain has stopped, the air was cool, sky was clearing up, but my heart was that of a helpless childlike state.

Remain in Me. Trust Me. How?

I noticed an aunt passing by, watching me. In order not to confuse her with my perhaps uncollected countenance I pretended to study the maple tree. But she hanged around, so I faced her eventually... 'Let me show you something good' she said and made her point.

If you look carefully, it's a double.


While Christians have this biblical understanding about rainbow, my believing years have sort of got it reformulated. Like a private covenant between God and myself, it's an reassurance,
a sign that He understands. And God's control ensues, there's nothing I need to see to or hold on to so badly. I can't anyway.

When it looked like the sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.

This is how my faith has got me going on through the years. It's tailored for me. 'Remain in Me, trust Me' my Tailor says.


stay-at-home mum said...

thanks for sharing ... it's so inspirational, and it gives me a kind of peace in my heart when I read what you wrote, esp with all that turbulence in my life recently. Thanks. still working on our next course of action for lil D.

J.H said...

thank you for your post Stardust. I was only left with very little money this month, a sickly toddler (and then I fell sick too), no husband. Just when I thought the cloud is all over, God send your entry to remind me of His promise. Thank you!

bp said...

Thanks for sharing too, n i needed your reminder and the lift, heavy-hearted with my friend's burden and esp knowing how much more times she must feel it. Look up, and u said it well, let's keep trusting and abiding in God who's in control. So nice u captured the double rainbow, God is good!