19 October 2010

But Autumn is beautiful

Autumn is locking into place, as we wake up with each colder morning. Am dehydrating fast like the crispy leaves
, hear me crunch. Ouch.

But Autumn is beautiful.


Feed on : scrumptious apples, creamy pumpkins, and tummies-warming hot pots.

Put on : barret, flattering coat. Leggings in booties and I'm ready to go.


Look on : maturing hues in red, brown and gold, while the chill is still marginally bearable.

Look my way lady, don't be shy.

I'm th

Just thankful for the colors that sustain a dangerously prosaic mind, even if it's by strands.
Seasons are harder to live with, but too pretty to get on without.

Gotta go. These hands are screaming for cream.


stay-at-home mum said...

Those flowers are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Maggie and Mitch said...

The pinks are all so lovely!
We are enjoying so many apples from our own tree this year! yummmm
We love autumn!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

J.H said...

I think you've convince me to come to Japan in October next year, what a breath taking pics!

DILLY said...

Be such WON derful post!
Be so pink an pwinsessy!
Mummy be sad bowt ortum.
Not like darker eevnins.
Dilly say,
look at leevs, Mummy!
Look at leevs!
Look at pritty cullers!

Mummy be dry too,
yewz lots lots handcreem.
Lots lots.

Mummy say,
handcreem be Mummy's gilty seecrit!
Yewz lots!

Thank for luvly pink pwinsessy pikchers, Stardust! Thank!