21 October 2010


To cope with an economic health that's been ailing for the past 20 years, one of the tactics used by Japan's companies is to engage workers on a contract basis. That way, workers can be assessed periodically and conveniently dismissed; without coughing out a remuneration.


Bear has been getting along incredibly well with colleague M san ( san : Japanese expression for 'Mr/Mrs/Ms' ) since years ago, mostly because our families have been searching for a piece of land to settle in. The peas and carrots share a vein in their work, interest, and dreams. They lunch talking mouthfuls, I know; cos that's how Bear cutely shares the tales from M san during dinner.

By sheer serendipity, our families found our own place with an interval of a month apart!
So M san and Bear partnered like never before for their 'my-home-adventure'. Our families split on the venues for look-see and scheduled our weekends for 'homework'. Spied on each other's progress from foundation to rooftop, which brew more joyous jabbers. It felt like 2 homes have bonded, for the largest project in our lifetime. From housing to furnishing to landscaping, we had our forces combined.

Seriously. This kind of affinity hardly comes twice you know, as long as living in an aloof community is concerned. We're blessed with M san's family whom we have so much in common. Much, apart from the fact that M san's service in the company is on a contract basis.

And I know it sounds dramatic, but the thunderbolt had to strike 6 weeks ago. M san's service is complied by mid October with an extension unrequired. He leaves confronting the harsh realities. Minors apart, a tough employment and a substantial houseloan. At worst, M san may have to resort to work at a foreign prefecture and only gets to return home on weekends. Or even for a weekend in the entire month. Or even work abroad.

Words aren't capable of describing it... we really feel for M san.

He left the office officially yesterday bidding goodbye. Still feels proud having served the company, and regrets that he has to be send away packing up all the know-hows. I just know how much he wishes to apply them in the company for good. The saddest words he parted with Bear is, 'If you don't see our cars at the porch anymore, that's when you know our home is relinquished.'

Time to time, the unceasing grouses I couldn't respond to get me. 'Darn that company that retrenched me, it can fold up for good ( the person is compensated ). This place doesn't deserve me with the peanuts it's paying. I hate serving idiots. I work with a bunch of morons. Miserably short holidays, and no leeway. I should BE promoted. Where's my fatter pay, bigger car, dearer bag? Is that all for bonus? Bills, bills, bills, I need a new party dress next month! '

Everybody is heading on something. How large exactly is yours?

These bad times we're living, we may not be leading one of those glamorous lifestyles, still it's a lot to give thanks for... Praying for M san's future endeavours, and plenty of blessings to come his way. His house stays, and he gets to return home after work; everyday - I boldy pray.

Bear must miss him so. He better gets used to lunching alone, or getting along with phony people. I will surely miss Bear's noisy chatter at the dining table too.

Thankful for my lot. Immensely. For good health, and everything else.


stay-at-home mum said...

Awww, thats so sad for M San's family. I sure pray that something even better comes his way, coz usually when one door closes, the Lord will open another, just that we dont know when. Pray he can hold on till this other door opens.
Guess, Japan no longer has this iron rice-bowl policy :(

J.H said...

My heart really goes for M san and his family. That's true, on modern individualist society, losing a friend is a big loss.
I can relate very well with his situation as probably I am on the same shoes as M san's family - that he left behind if he were to win the bread elsewhere. It took a lot of commitment and courage to live apart yet not to stay apart.
My prayer is for him to find another job close to his home!