29 October 2010


eart from a pumpkin!


And furtive felines that come and go like nobody's business, marking territority and leaving deposits. Beautiful creatures they sure are... But I've finally arrived at a big conclusion : I'm definitely a dog person.


First, I don't know what it is about cats, or me, they actually CHASE after me!! After having witnessed how I ran for my life a couple of times, Bear would cover me from any cat seemingly menacing. Not all of them nasty I would say, like the fella above. It rolled on its back and showing belly for a good few minutes even though I shooed and begged it to go away. Sighs. And I managed to find out from the internet that showing belly is a sign of trust. Big sighs. What's more, the fella actually followed me home and missed the door by half a meter. Sweat!

For years Bear has been asking if I want a dog for pet, as he often worries about me being lonely. Really, I don't want to get a dog just to get even with some cats. A puppy is to be taken seriously for a good amount of its lifetime.


Anyone with sound solutions of warding off cats? I've tried cat repellants but they're still coming back. Boo hoo hoo...

Lastly, BOO. Enjoy Halloween there.


stay-at-home mum said...

A baby bear may scare away the cat and keep you company too! ;) happy Halloween! Boo!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We prefer doggies to kitties too! We bet a Bischon would keep those kitties away!
We love your pumpkin heart!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

Aw, another heart, yay! and i just also saw the one that SAHM spotted :).

i thot of doing a pumpkin post too, but so behind in all the other things i wanted to write about. maybe i'll get round to them, one at a time!

meanwhile, happy halloween to you guys also. on our end, i hope the weather's not wet or too chilly for kids to go trick-or-treating (i think it's the candy more than the dressing up that they like!).

umekotyan said...




from loved ume tyan

MaryAnn Ashley said...

I'm thinking a dog might be your best bet.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Awwww he looks nice an frendly! Yes, if they show thayer belly it meens they ar making themselves lower than yu an showing deference. It issent always an invitayshun to rub the tummy tho, so don't try that or they mite bite yu.

I like to see pusscats. So I don't noe how to get rid of them. But I wunce red that if yu hav yor own cat the uthers stop coming rownd! This is the trooth wiv Scooter an Fluffy- hardly ever see uther cats heer now, cos they noe the land is tayken.

If yu don't hav a cat then yor land is a no-man's land in the cat werld an they split it up between them, yu see.

Also, yor gravel looks like cat litter so that mite be wy they poo in it. They think yu hav put owt a big litter for them!

The 'shoo' noize duzz not scare them but the 'hisssss' noize duzz cos they ar scared ov snakes. So hissss or spray an aerosol in the air- they hate that sownd- but not AT them or it will hert thayer eyes an if they get it on thayer hair they will hav to lik it off an it mite be poyznuss. No. but just spray it in the air an they will run from the noize.

Stand lolly stiks up in yor flower beds an this keeps cats off as they carnt skwat to poo!!!!

SUm peepol say cats don't like oranges so sum orange peel mite help too.

Cat deterrants will ownly werk until it raynes, then it washes away.

At the zoo heer yu can buy lion poo for the garden an cos it is the poo ov a bigger cat it also keeps cats owt cos they think the land belongs to a big cat an they keep clear!!!

I hope yu hav fownd sum ov this helpful. I try to be a helpful Bear.

If yu do get a doggy, wat wud yu call it? I'd like to hav a littol scruffy dog. I wud call him Rafferty.

sharilyn said...

ah, well, i'm definitely a cat person... love dogs, too, but only want to HAVE a cat... you just have to remember they consider themselves royalty and expect to be treated accordingly! :)

a spritz of water from a spray bottle is usually a good deterrent.

love the pumpkin heart! :)