11 May 2010

Spring's palate gone wild

ay, is supposedly the loveliest month for us.
Well, 2010's May barely comes close. There were so much to see to, like half a lot undone... Still, we're thankful that things went great like they should, at least the housewarming is done pretty.

Bear's friends had some quality time though, and was kind enough to offer some wild treats from the mountains. You read me - the mountains.


You seriously think these wild vegetables look edible?


I don't remember the names of these soiled fellas, they had thorns. =( So I revenged my fingers by frying them into lightly-battered tempuras.


They sure had this exquisite taste and fragrance, none that I've tasted before. I survived the consumption to find out later that these are not cheap stuff! Wild vegetables can only be picked during Spring, by experienced folks who would single out only the edibles. So they are considered as Spring's delicacies dished out mostly at classy restaurants or traditional inns.

Ok, what's next? Sinking teeth into a live fish?

P/S: Wish me best, as I'm preparing for Bear's birthday tomorrow! =D


stay-at-home mum said...

Happy Birthday to Bear!!

And those mountain veg done tempura style look fabulous ...and I am sure they tasted just as good. and yes, sashimi from al live fish, with its head still flopping around as you feast on its flesh.... sounds so evil and gruesome, but I am sure it will taste great.

J.H said...

wow, happy birthday to your bear!
Honestly, those looks like a great leaves for making flower arrangements than to be eaten. And gosh... they have thorns??? You are one brave girl :-)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Those wild veges look very yummy to us! We both LOVE veges!
We can't wait to see what special meal you're preparing for Bear!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

I think your tempura wild plants look terrific, if u hadn't shared, the mountain-ku (suaku!) me wouldn't have known they existed, hehe!

Happy and blessed birthday to Bear , trust you had a lovely celebration, knowing how meticulous u r :). Thanks for coming by with your lovely wishes, big hugs for u also!

Helena said...

I am so sorry I haven't thanked you yet for your gorgeous gift! I had not forgotten, just not been able to get online, no time :(
but I sent you a note yesterday in the post and put in some little cat notelets that I made for you :)
I hope they get there ok- so sorry for delay in thanking you and for letting you know also that your parcel arrived safely.

I love this time of year also. As well as the wisteria, a beautiful Japanese peony is flowering in my garden! I must get some photo's and put them on my blog soon...

Hugs, tea and cake,

MaryAnn Ashley said...

Looks delicious. My mom was always one to pick wild veggies, wild fern her favorite.

Happy Belated Birthday Bear.

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