17 May 2010


'm married to a procrastinator, who's good at making my already uptight self go doubly antsy.

Anyway, no good griping about it. We're desperately looking for a company that helps landscaping the garden before coming of Summer. In fact, these days are already starting to smolder.


Bear is finally starting to panic after combing our region for past weeks. See what I mean? This place is heavily deficient of sophistication even with expectations put aside. Nowhere is meeting the aesthetic demands at the present,
so we're expanding the search radius in hope for some better option.



With us nutty over greenery, plus our place being blessed with generous sunshine, I'm really hoping to exploit the condition to max. Yeah, I so want it to be a paradise for the birds and bees.



There is this need to stay focused and avoid some easy way out though Summer is inching in. The garden MUST be done immaculately, crossing fingers, eyes and toes.


Piggy said...

wow, you have a garden at your new place? How I envy you!

Love, love, love the first pic, btw!

stay-at-home mum said...

all the best in the search!!

J.H said...

I almost can imagine how beautiful your garden is in summer! If I ever visit Japan again, I must pay a visit to your garden :-)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your flower photos are always so exquisite! We can only imagine perfectly manicured gardens at your home, Stardust!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

bp said...

i didn't get to leave a comment earlier, but when i saw your sneak peeks of your pots, and baskets, the bee, and all the fruits of your labour/your green finger (caught them on my reader one time nursing Kait lah)... i was thinking, hey, if you and Bear do up your garden by yourselves, it'll be the perfect garden, i have no doubt u can do it!

whichever way, whether it's going to be part DIY or in-consultation with whoever u outsource it to, i can't wait to see how you'll magically do it up... to perfection, and it's looking so nice already from what i "spy" here! enjoy this project thoroughly!